This article, Julia Vasquez, was written by DarthJacko09. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Julia Vasquez
Julia Vasquez
Created By: DarthJacko09
Origin: Megopolis
Personal Data
Real Name: Julia Vasquez
Known Aliases: Julia
Officer Vasquez
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 168 cms
Weight: 153 lbs
Eye Color: Blue and Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Police Woman
Place of Birth: Megopolis
Base of Operations: Megopolis
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Morningstar
Known Powers
None known
Known Abilities
Expert computer hacker
No additional information available.

Officer Julia Vasquez is a member of the Megopolis Police Department and former colleague of Nathan Lonergan and Vincent Donovan, Chief of the the MPD. Vasquez was forced to retire at the conclusion of Black Dragon: In A Lonely Place, when her relationship with Michelle Tanner was made public and her life was threatened by her association with both Tanner and Nathan Lonergan's alter ego, Black Dragon.

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