The Justice Union is a superhero team from the Golden Age.

Members Edit

Founding Edit

  • Incredi-Man
  • Scarlet Lynx
  • Ms. Amazing
  • the Dolphin
  • Samurai (Golden Age)
  • Blur (Golden Age)
  • the Judge
  • the Iron Mask
  • Mirco Man (Golden Age)
  • the Bluejay (Golden Age)
  • the Emerald Avenger
  • the Cowl
  • Silver Siren
  • American Knight

Later Members Edit

  • Mister X
  • the Twister

Origin Edit

Back in 1940, Adolf Hitler ordered his scientists to create a superhuman fighter that would help Nazi Germany win the war against the allies. Picking out the most perfect solider of his army, the mad fuher had him transformed into a twelve foot tall, blue skinned behemoth called Ubermenschlich, who could easliy have defeated the Allied powers. However, the evil super Nazi made the mistake of sending his underlings to a major city in the USA, as they each met defeat at the hands of the superhero who lived there. Uniting in Germany, the fourteen superheroes defeated Ubermenschilch, and placed him under federal custody. Amazed at how well they worked together, the fourteen superheroes decied to unite together should another threat like Uber ever appear. And so, the Justice Union was born, battling the most bizarre villains never thought of, up until 1955, when they, and the entire town of Reeves City was trapped in a time warp by a demented fan, who wanted them to continue their exploits without aging. For years, the Union tried to find away out of their prison, but seemingly gave up, until hope came in the form of the Champions of the Earth, who were chasing after their enemies, the Guild of Evil. After finding out who caused their predicament, the Union and the Champions managed to destroy the machine that was causing the warp. Now, the Justice Union makes up for all the time they lost by fighting today's evildoers.

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