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Kagai is a powerful, Class 6 Umbral, and could very well be the most powerful, non-Inter-Dimensional, being on Earth. He is the leader of The Children of Darkness.

Biography Edit

Kagai was once known as Brandon Wall, and was the Head Scientists of one of the first Forced Experimental Mutation Programs, under the supervision of Xen-Tech's Board of Directors. However, the board soon how horrid and dreadful the procedure for the program was, and ruled that the project be terminated as soon as possible. Fearing that his life's work was going to be destroyed, Wall started to kill off the Board Members, one by one. The last however, held himself up in an Airtight Vault with, seemingly, no way in or out.

Wall then studied the art of Shadow Manipulation, refusing to give up even against nearly impossible odds. However, Wall was consumed by the Darkness he was trying to control, and became an Umbral. Unlike other Umbrals, Wall kept all memory of his past self, his personality didn't change much (albeit a little more insane), and he had gained some power over Darkness, a rair trait in Umbral transformation.

He succeeded in killing the last board member, and was never caught by the authorities. He became the Head Director of Xen-Tech, and continued with the FEM Program. Around three years later, the 4 Year War broke out all across the globe, causing massive panic. Xen-Tech was finally closed, and Wall, who now called himself Kagai, was thrown to the streets.

He soon met up with several other Umbrals who called themselves The Children of Darkness, and they asked him to join their ranks. At first, Kagai was a little against the idea, but after a few days of thought he decided to join anyway. Near the end of the Mutant War, Kagai got into an argument with the Botherhood's leader which ultimately lead to the latter's death by Kagai's hands. In doing this, he took over the Brotherhood just in time to fight against the Makata forces that were now invading Earth.

Personality Edit

Unlike other Umbrals, Kagai's attitude didn't change much after his transformation, which allowed him to continue his work at Xen-Tech. He fights smartly, considering the consequences of each move he makes, which makes him a better fighter. He is also a very manipulative man...

Powers Edit

Kagai's powers are enough to match up to Level 6 fighters, including Baracuss the Dark and even Amalgam.

  • Armored Form: Kagai can encase himself in extremely strong, and flexible Armor.
  • Levitation: Kagai has the ability to fly.
  • Shadow-Manipulation: Unlike other Umbrals, Kagai achieved control over Darkness like he intended to. However, his Shadow Abilities lack the power that a trained Shade Warrior possesses.
  • Extreme Strength: Kagai's strength is equal to that of Level 5 Beings with same ability.
  • Advanced Speed: Using Shadow-Movement Kagai can move instantly to a new location.
  • Immense Durability: Kagai can survive through just about anything with hardly a scratch on his body. His Armored Form increases this ability.
  • Near Instantaneous Regeneration: Kagai can heal any injury he obtains, almost instantly.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Kagai is Japanese and means evil, harm, mischief, assault, violence, or damaging.
  • The image is that of Jackie Estacado from The Darkness comics.

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