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Lady Liberty
Hero of the Legion of Vigilance
Created-by: Snapatchu
Division: Legion of Vigilance.
Date Joined: '
Origin: '
Medical Conditions: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Andrea Fallus
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height/Weight: 100 lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Blonde hair, blue eyes
Citizenship: America
Current Residence: Unknown
Marital Status: Nope
Known Relatives: Angel Fire
Known Powers
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Training / Abilities
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Lady Liberty an 18 year old female who has taken up the identity of the Lady Liberty of New York.


Lady Liberty is a Super Hero during the day fighting for justice. She took up the identity of Lady liberty from the Statue of liberty in New York. At night she is a pizza deliverer just out of high school trying to make a living. Her real name is Andrea Fallus, daughter of the super hero Angel Fire.


Though small in number, Lady Liberty's powers are strong.

  • Can glide over the ground.
  • Can create envelope her sword and shield in illuminating light.
  • Can heal wounds by using allot of energy.