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The Legion of Vigilance, known informally as the LoV, is a superhero formation compromised of a constantly growing number of "supers". The formation's motto is "Capax Infinti", or capable of the infinite. The group's colors are red, and blue, and coincidentally, white text. The group was formed to create a lethal force to fight for justice. The team has confronted many enemies, including some of which are, Black Magic, Beelze, and the fierce and potent, Amalgam. The group's main transportation is the ship known only as, the Vigilante, aboard the Vigilante, is the MS0879 Heavy Attack Vehicle/CRAW, which can be dropped from 750 feet unto the battlefield. After the Makata invasion, the LoV became the last defense for Earth. Supers who had been enemies of the LoV or who remained neutral during the war joined to defend Earth.

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