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Leon McCloud
Created by:
Origin: A young boy born with ability to access 90% of his brain.
Category: Superhero/Mutant
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Leon Michael McCloud
Known Aliases: Leon, Slacker P.I., Eraldo Coil, Beyond Birthday
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 123 lbs
Eye Colour: Gray
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: U.S.
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Confidential
Affiliation: Society of Protectors
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Alan McCloud (Deceased)

Evelyn McCloud (Deceased)

Aunt Molly

Unnamed sister

Known Powers
Superhuman Intelligence
Training / Abilities
Peak Human Physicality

Skilled Detective

Highly Skilled Martial Artist

Fluent in multiple languages

One of the youngest members of the S.O.P.

Regarded as one of the most dangerous men on Earth.

At the age of 7, Leon's father was murdered by the Mafia for counting cards in their underground casino.As a result, Leon distanced himself from others, even his mother. For three more years the two had little to do with one another until she died of a heart attack. However, his aunt claimed her death was caused by a broken heart from watching her son abandon all contact with her. Leon went to live with his aunt Molly until his 17th birthday. As he grew up, his family began to notice his increasing intelligence. After multiple IQ tests, it was determined that his mind was able to comprehend things with enough clarity and accuracy to place his intelligence with the most advanced super computer. However, he felt bored with his surroundings, believing everything else was inferior due to his more advanced brain.

Leon soon began to watch the news and often found himself solving the crimes days and even weeks before the police could. He would contact the authorities with all of his findings, usually to have not believe him until they realize he was correct. After months of recieving his calls and hearing his theories, the police finally offered him a position as cheif detective.


Leon has a slim yet muscular frame, medium length black, messy hair, deep bags under his grey eyes, and pale skin. His usual attire consits of a long sleeved white t-shirt, a dark grey jacket, faded jeans, skateboard shoes and a light grey beanie cap.

He is noted by several female members of the Society of Protectors and other heroes and villains, as being very attractive.


After his father's death, and the beginning of his blosoming intelligence, Leon went to great lenghts to avoid physical contact with others, even to the point of alienating himself from his own mother. This lack of human interaction, gave him poor social skills, now making him say offensive things on accident and barring him from making deep emotional connections. For awhile, as his intelligence continued to grow, Leon began to look down on other people for their inferior mental capabilities. However, as he became more involved with the police force, and was recruited as a member of the Society of Protectors, he has been able to form some decent working relationships.


Alan McCloud- Leon had a strong bond with his father. When he was young, the two of them would go on numerous fishing trips and would spend most summer nights camping. He regards his father as being the greatest man he has ever known. After his death, Leon became weary of making special connections with others.

Evelyn McCloud- Prior to his father's death and his own seclusion from the world, Leon had a good relationship with his mother. The three of them would spend many summer nights camping, and Leon even remembers helping his mother bake cookies when he was 4. When he began to seperate himself from her, Evelyn became highly depressed and even potentially suicidal, resorting to drinking large amounts of vodka on occasion. Leon's aunt Molly claims she died not of a heart attack, but of a broken heart, from watching her son abandon her.

Aunt Molly- Similar to Leon and his mother, the two of them had little interaction with one another. However, she tried desperately to make some kind of connection with him and still loved him very deeply. Now, the two of them remain in close contact, despite Leon now living on his own, with the rest of the Society of Protectors.

The Sheild- A very complicated relationship, Leon and the Sheild often conflict over seperate ideals but still share a mutual respect for one another and possible friendship, though neither party would admit it. During "The World it Wasn't Meant to Be" stroyline, their relationship is even more estranged, as the Sheild believes that meta-humans should control the world, while Leon believes that humans should be allowed to govern themselves.


  • Superhuman Intelligence-Born being able to access 90% of his brain power, as opposed to the normal 10%, Leon is able to solve nearly any puzzle or problem far quicker than any other human.
  • Peak human Physicality-Leon represents the piniacle of human ability, and is able to harm even those with super human capabilities.
  • Skilled Detective-Keeping true to his profession, Leon has amazing deductive skills.
  • Highly skilled martial artist-Leon is well vesed of many forms of martial arts including; Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Kick boxing, Capoeria, and Drunken boxing.


Mad Man-A psychotic terrorist obssessed with puzzles and traps.

Damien-A power hungry Cthulu worshiper.

Locust-A shadowy figure with some ominous powers.

Sweeney Todd-A homicidal maniac obssessed with the character Sweeney Todd.

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