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Life-Bringer is the leader of the O.M.E.G.A. League.

Hero Information


Name   Life-Bringer
Power Genre   Defensive
Gender   Male
Part of Team   Leader
Powers   Life Bringing
Bone Body Parts
Weaknesses   Cuts
Developed From   Zombonia
Preferred Equipment   Power Increaser
Preferred Weapon   Zombie Glove
Preferred Vehicle   Dragwheeler
Worst Enemy   Twilightio
Favorite Quote   What is dead becomes undead, and whatever's undead and bad becomes dead eventually.

Powers Edit

  • Life Bringing: Life-Bringer's main power is bringing things to life for defense, and sometimes attack.
  • Bone Manipulation: Life-Bringer can turn his body parts into bones. Using this, he can blast bones and do a whip attack with connected bones.

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