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Lion was an African-American mutant, who lived a life of small time glory until he was killed by Amalgam for her own personal gain.

Life and DeathEdit

Lion was born Damonte Williams, and was a mutant from birth. Both of his parents were killed during the L.A. riots, prompting him to seek a job of his own to support himself. Working underground in silicon mines, his powers were discovered when he was 19, when he discovered he had super strength when a section of mine collapsed. Dozens of miners were killed and injured, and he singlehandedly freed the living by moving a 19 ton slab of rock to open an entrance to a working elevator shaft. He was hailed as a hero, and was promoted to assistant director of the mine. He also helped give mutants a good name, and the money he earned from benefits and charities pushed his siblings through to colleges, one even to Harvard Law School. However, one day, when he was walking down the street, he came a cross the bad tempered and extremely powerful Amalgam, threatening to kill several armed police officers with a lava bomb she was holding in her hand. Having seen her on wanted posters, he came and engaged her, only to be thrown against the wall with incredible force. He had 3rd degree burns on his chest and arm, and Amalgam then grabbed him by the throat. She used her absorption powers to steal his super strength, in the process absorbing the energy in his mutant type cells. With all of his blood cells dead, he died a cold and painful death, lying on a street in South Central L.A.


  • Super strength
  • Super stamina
  • Limited healing factor

(NOTE:After his death, Amalgam stole his powers and left him to die in the debilitating aftershock of power absorption, a fate many a mutant has met at her hands.)