This article is devoted to quotes said by heroes and villains. Anyone can put their hero's/villain's quotes here.

Captain CosmicEdit

  • "We are the Galactic Enforcers." - to WCIO, a Manhattan news station.
  • "Evil can't win." - to Doctor Death.
  • "If we act according to our beliefs, then nearly all of us are monsters." - One of Captain Cosmic's most famous quotes.


  • "People say I'm evil, but they have never even known me." - to the entire Galactic Enforcers team.
  • "I'll find you and kill you if I have to!" - to Bengal.

Big BrotherEdit

  • "I'm actually glad I'm not out there in the field!" - to Bottlerocket, who barely escaped an explosion.
  • "I'm reading a shitload of bogeys, guys." - to the entire Galactic Enforcers team during the Makata Invasion.

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