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This is a list of weapons used by soldiers in Earth at War.


250px-DC-15a Blaster Rifle

The M400 which was ussually wielded by American Soldiers.

The M400 was first built in 2012 (Earth at War) shortly after the discovery of Kesh. With it's impressive stopping power and reliability it quickly replaced the M4 as the standerd issue weapon of the United States Armed Forces.It later saw action in the North American Wars and later during the Great Human War. It fired a laser/plasma shot that varied in power depending on the setting of the gun. On the lowest setting it was as strong as the shot from a G36 but could fire much more rapidly and used less of the ammo. On the highest difficulty it had the same power as a .50 Calliber Sniper Rifle but fired very slowly and used much of the ammo.



The M450 which was sometimes used as a sidearm.

The M450 was first produced in the dawn of the North American Wars as a lighter and faster version of the M400. Just like it's heavier Cousin it was very reliable in the battle field. It's sucess in the North American Wars let it stay in service long enough to see all the way to the end of WWIII. On the lowest setting it did as much damage as a P90, while on the highest setting it did as much damage as a M21. It's sucess also inspired the creation of the British Laser Thompson.

Laser Thompson SubMachine GunEdit

V7gunwx hero

The Laser Thompson was typically used by Ettins.

The Laser Thompson,despites it's name, was not a SMG as it fired Lasers/plasma shots. It's desighn was inspired from the old Thompson SubMachine Gun and the American M450. Although there were several differences. One was that the Laser Thompson was lighter and had a better stopping power. Another was that the Laser variet did not rattle when a soldier ran with it. With these flaws eliminated and the boost in stopping power the Laser Thompson became a common sight in the United Kingdom's Armed Forces. It first saw action in the North American Wars when Britian sided with the United States. Later it saw action in the Great Human War in multiple battles such as the Invasion of Athens.



The M1400 eqiuped with a new chainsaw bayonet.

The M1400 was first introduced in the Canadian Armed Forces in 2013 (Earth at War) for the North American Wars. M1400 fired 7.62x54mm bullet and fired one thousand rounds per-minute. With a good stopping power and fire rate it quickly became Canadas standerd issue weapon. It's success made even more nations want it such as Australia. Later during the Great Human War a new Chainsaw-Bayonet was added to the weapon. This gave the StormTroopers a needed edge against CQB centered communists. In 2055 (Earth at War) the power of the chainsaw was demonstrated when Sith-venator Wavingstrider-0066 was able to cut open a Red Tank with the bayonet.


800px-BR55HB SR Battle Rifle

The M1600 was compared to as succesful as the older M16.

The M1600 was first built in 2013 (Earth at War) in time for the North American Wars. Being easy to build and light weight it quickly caught on in Mexico. It fired a 7.62x51mm bullet and fired seven rounds per second. Also like the M16 it was easily upgraded to hold grenade launchers and ACOG scopes. After the North American Wars it saw only use in South America by Brazil that was beginning to take contol of South America. However it's retirement ended quicker than thought as in 2025 the Great Human War had begun and several countries in the U.N. wanted a gun that could shoot two miles.


Halo3 comMA5C

A blueprint of the AK80.

The AK80 was first desighned in 2020 (Earth at War) after the slow decline in the old AK-47. First produced in 2022 (Earth at War) it hit the world greatly by gangs and mafias. The revolutanary desighn was that it could fire any small arms fire. This ranged from ammo from a small sidearm to a .50 Calliber Sniper Rifle. However the Mexican government bought the desighn and started manufacturing them in time for the Great Human War. Hellbringers in battle felt so rellieved when they could loot any ammo and be able to use it. However thier was one desighn flaw. Unlike the M1600 it could not have attachments on it. It was also one of the few fire arms in history to not have an Iron Sight.

Kesh SaberEdit


The inside of a Kesh Saber.

The Kesh Saber was first desighned in 2012 (Earth at War) but was scrapped due to the immense cost the weapon had. Later in 2040 (Earth at War) when the Great Human War was still to unprdictable the Kesh Saber was reconsidered and was attempted to be built. Fifteen years later when trying it with Optime Armor it worked,it was later confirmed to also work with Standard Spartan Armor. The weapon was very rare to see as only about twenty were made in 2055 (Earth at War). One of the few to get it was Sith-venator and Boba Vinco. It had the ability to decintigrate bullets on contact and deflect plasma/laser shots. Despite what most people thought there was never a solid color,every time the saber was activated the color of the blade would be different. Although studies were shown that the saber seemed to turn to the prefered color of the user. It was also good at cutting through heavy metal on buildings and vehicles. It was very succesful but never massproduced.

MP77 Sub Machine GunEdit

Hk mp5n

A MP77...

The MP77 began production during the dawn of the Great Human War. Innitially it was a C.O.R.N. weapon but the overall effectiveness of the weapon began U.N. soldiers to loot them and use them. It fired seven-hundred fifty .50 Caliber pistol rounds a minute,with a range of one-hundred meters. Just like the older variets the MP77 was mass produced by the Coalition to serve as a sidearm to the G42. With a effective range,stopping power, and small weight the weapon often was seen in trench-warfare. In 2055 Sith-venator Wavingstrider-0066 used two against a squad of Red Tanks during the Invasion of Athens.

G42 Assault RifleEdit


A photo of the G42.

The G42 was origionally a German 5.66 mm assault rifle introduced in 2023 (Earth at War) and produced in limited quantities by Heckler & Koch. It was designed to replace the older G3 in service providing a more modern rifle. It is chambered for the 5.66mm NATO cartridge and can use both grenade launchers and box-clips. However the company was blackmailed in 2025 (Earth at War) by C.O.R.N. to mass produce it as the main weapon for thier armed forces. With a range of six-hundred meters it was very deadly. It had enough stopping power to take out a Ettin in a metter of seconds. It was also commonly painted red to inspire fear into the enemy and to show the soldier's patriotism.

Barret M99AEdit


The M99A in a U.N. propaganda poster.

The Barrett Model 99A (also known as the 99 Alpha) is a semi-auto sniper rifle chambered in .348 Lapua Magnum manufactured by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing for the United Nations. The M99A was officially announced in 2028 (Earth at War), and was available for sale in early 2029 (Earth at War).Barrett engineers began designing the 99A in 2021 (Earth at War), with the goal of developing a precision tactical .348 Lapua rifle based on the M98B.Many of the M99A's features are inspired by the M16A4 as with it's overall shape,being a conventional sniper, and being able to have attachments such as grenade laucnhers,scopes, dot sights, and silencers. It was also light weight compared to other snipers being only ten pounds. It fired the typical .50 calliber bullet that had enough stopping power to pierce the most armored points of a M1 Abrams tank. It was typically used by U.N. snipers and made famous by Neuroblade,which he had his made golden.

Winchester Model 2020Edit

800px-Franchi SPAS-12 Shotgun

A Winchester Model 2020 with a scope

The Winchester Model 2020,also known as the Trenchgun, was a tri-mode shotgun, meaning it can be used as a full-automatic ,semi-automatic or pump-action firearm. The gun was designed to function primarily in semi-automatic, with the pump-action mode used to reliably fire low-pressure ammunition such as tear gas rounds or less-lethal bean bags, and the gull auto-matic to Spray. Switching between firing modes is done by pressing a button near the clip.It also featured a small magazine that could hold up to 20 shots. It fired five ,12 gaunge 100mm rounds, a second. It was used by both the Coalition and the U.N. during the Great Human War. It was first mass produced in 2026 (Earth at War) after it's sucesful field test in 2022 (Earth at War).

M2A1 Double-barreled shotgunEdit


A M2A1 with the round drum removed.

The M2A1 was a Double-barreled Shotgun invented in 2025 (Earth at War) and mass produced in 2027 (Earth at War). It impressed the Coalition of Red Nations and United Nations enough that in order to purchase the company made each side sighning a agreement that they would be able to sell there weapons to anyone. It was worth the price as this shotgun had enough punch to pierce a British Challenger Tank in a single shot. Also unlike most double-barreled guns it had more than a 2 round clip. It held a large round drum at the bottom that held up to thirty laser shots. Also like older variets it could be sawed off. In addition to it's high stopping power, small missiles could be loaded where ammo used to be put in making it a very anti-vehicular gun.

Laser AK47Edit


Two Laser AK47s on a table.

The Laser Ak47 was a laser/plasma weapon based upon the famous desighn of the AK47. Like it's cousin it was easy to mass produce even though it used expensive technology. The Coalition of Red Nations kept the factories guarded by Anti-vehicle Allio Corruo. They were very deadly on the battle field and often had bayonets attached to them for CQB with UN Soldiers. Communist Soldiers often used these as standerd issue weapons. Also unlike the origional it was full metal but was often painted to look like the origional or painted red to inspire fear into enemys. It was common enough that Saraph Pilots would strap them onto the front of thier tanks as rammming devices.


657px-At42 4

A UN Soldier with a AT5 on his back.

The AT5 was a portable Missile Launcher used by the United Nations. It was first developed in 2034 (Earth at War) and after the Battle of Cuba it was mass produced when it singe handidly destoyed a battalion of Rot Degans by Krokodil. It's secret was a portable 150mm rockets capable of punching through a M1 Abrams three times over. It used heatseaking, GPS, and nightvision. It could also be used as a grenade launcher when grenadeds were put in instead of rockets. These weapons were used throughout the war and beyond.

LeMat Revolver MK IIEdit


A LeMet on a table.

The LeMat Revolver Mark II was the standard issue sidearm for the United Nations. It was desighned from the very old Confederate States of American version made back during the American Civil War. It was first desighned in 1999 (Earth at War) and was mass produced in 2012 (Earth at War). It had a clip of twelve and could have a sillencer equipped. It fired .50 calliber bullets at three bullets per second. One dissadvantage it had was it's heavy weight and massive recoil.

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