Lucifer is a supervillain and the archenemy of Alpha Man.

Bio Edit

Real Name: Larry (last name unknown)

Eyes: Yellow (mask)

Hair: Brown (according to his son)

Height: 6'

Weight: 187 lbs.

Origin Edit

Much of Lucifer's history is unknown. What is known is that he was a college senior named Larry who was handsome and intelligent, but also incredibly arrogant. So it was no surprise that he deliberately organized an experiment without permission or supervision, knowing full well that the dean and the board of directors would reject it. During the experiment, Larry overdosed on the chemicals his experiment called for, resulting in a massive explosion that destroyed the science lab, and permanently scarred his face. Expelled from the school, Larry vowed that he would use his intellect to dominate the world, as revenge for the loss of his charming looks. For a brief time, he tried to find happiness, marrying a beautiful woman named Clara, and having a son, Joshua. However, he cared more about world domination than his own family, and Clara left him. Now, blaming the world for the loss of his love, Lucifer is hellbent on conquering Earth...only to be beaten by Alpha Man time and again.

Powers Edit

His suit grants super strength and durability, jet boot flight, energy blasts, laser eye beams, and a force field.

Costume Edit

Crimson body suit, head mask with a white skull on the face, black gloves, boots and belt, purple cape with a high collar, huge white "L" in the center of his chest

Weaknesses Edit

His own arrogance, immaturity, greed, cruelty, megalomania, and paranoia

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