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He is a crime boss, the most dangerous one, in Sanctuary, USA. He is the archenemy of the Werewolf.

Lycaon's Mask
Created by:
Origin: Unknown
Category: Supervillain
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: The Wolf, The Big Boss
Species: Vampire
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'4 feet
Weight: 201 pounds
Eye Colour: Pure black
Hair Colour: Unknown, possibly black
Citizenship: America
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Sanctuary, USA
Affiliation: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Blood Generation/Control
Training / Abilities
Leadership Skills
Coin made out of ruby
His mask looks more like Anubis than a wolf, but he doesn't care...

Appearence Edit

He wears a white business suit with a white shirt, white gloves and a white tie. His most distinguishing feature is his mask, it is a brown metal mask with a calm wolf face on it, with a thin black mane behind it which extends to his back. It's eyeholes are not een as only darkness is seen. He does not seem to take it off. There is a hole in the mouth of his mask that he uses to pour blood into it.

His skin is pure white, like an albino, yet, unlike the legends of vampires, he can survive the sun. His skin does not glow in the sun, he is not from Twilight.

It is unknown what his face looks like, as he goes off into an undisclosed location to rest.

Personality Edit

He is a cold monster. He kills just for the thrill of the hunt, as he let's them run first before he hunts them down. He is also calculating, heartless, cruel, unfeeling, and has a dark humor.

He likes to taunt his foes before killing them, or during a battle.

He seems to know things about werefolk and even knows how to defeat them, making him a deadly enemy of the Werewolf. Even though he hides it well, but he has Werefolk envy, wanting to be a werewolf as well.

History Edit

All that is known about Lycaon is that he grew up in an aristocratic family of werewolf hunters, and somehow, he became a vampire...

Powers & Abilities Edit

Immortality: He is immune to the effects of aging, able to stay young forever.

Hemokinesis: He has slits in his wrists that can release blood, he can create whips, forcing blasts, and can crystalize it at high durability, which can create blades and projectiles.

Super Strength: He is able to lift a small car with one hand.

Super Speed: He moves at the speed of sound, and can appear in front of someone in one second from a different floor.

Vampre Weaknesses: Being a vampire also has it's weaknesses, he cannot touch or enter holy places, like churches or graveyards. Sunlight, garlic, and rivers have no affect on him despite what legends say, because he is a powerful vampire. He can only die if struck in the heart with a sharp object.

Werefolk Knowledge: Due to growing up in a family of werefolk hunters, he knows everything about them, especcially his favorite, the werewolf, that and as well as his Werefolk Envy.

Blood Nurishment: He needs blood as nuirishment, and needs to drink it every day or he'll shrivel up, meaning he owns many blood banks due to his status as mob boss.

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