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"Come on Boys are we gonna let those Americans and thier bugs show us off?"
—A Mexican Sergeant on the Seraph

The M3 Abrams Tank, commonly known as the Seraph, was a Mexican armored fighting vehicle for a Multi-purpose role.


M1 abrams 20 of 20

A Seraph using a flamethrower.

The M3 Seraph is a armored attack vehicle that was in service for more than 40 years, and serves as the Mexican's main anti-vehicle platform. The M3 Abrams is considered light by standard definitions but has served as the Mexicans main battle tank well before the Great Human War. Its separate four track tread design allows it to traverse any terrain with little to no difficulty, this design also keeps the vehicle from being easily disabled. The rest of the body is very simple in design, with the tanks main weapon located at the back of the vehicle. The M3 Abrams only requires a crew of one, a revoultuionary leap in tank warfare. The Seraph's chassis is covered with heavy titanium-ceramic armor plating, making it incredibly resilient to small-arms fire; however, it's still possible for infantry-portable anti-armor weapons to inflict catastrophic damage.


A Seraph in Turkey.

The Seraph is equipped with three weapon systems. The 145mm High Velocity Cannon -- the M3 Abram's main weapon -- fires 145mm Turkish Armor Piercing Ballistic Capped Rounds at incredible speeds, with a four-to-five-second delay between each round. The second weapon system is the 8mm Machine Gun, used for dealing with infantry that may be out of the main cannon's range.The third is a long range flamethrower. The 145mm cannon, although the standard weapon on the M3 Abrams, could be considered "light", compared to the 200mm cannon that can be mounted for greater offensive power.



A Seraph demostrating it's cannon.

The M3 Abrams battle tank has proven itself to be the workhorse of United Nations armored attack vehicles. Its 145mm cannon can deliver a devastating blow to anything it targets -- infantry or armor. Its thick titanium-ceramic armor can withstand a direct hit from a 170mm shot and continue on with enough armor to keep fighting. Its one man crew servery limits human casualties. Along with its offensive capabilities as an anti-vehicle platform, the M3 Abrams also fulfills the role of anti-infantry; its machine gun can effectively take down heavy armored and shielded targets at long range. Also despite it's mediocre armor and firepower it is able to be produced much faster than other tanks. Also it has a top speed of up to 50 MPH.


A duo of Seraphs in the middle east.


The M3 Abrams is not without its weaknesses, though. The main cannon on the tank must be reloaded after every shot and takes between four to five seconds, which may give the enemy enough time to react against the tank. Its deep dead-zone, or the area within which fire from the tank's guns cannot hit targets, puts the vehicle at risk from enemy anti-tank infantry. The Scorpion's slower speed also puts it at a disadvantage, as other more nimble vehicles like the Roadrunner can out-maneuver the tank and get within its dead-zone.


  • The Seraph was inspired by Halo's Scorpion.
  • A Seraph is a six winged angel.

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