This article, Mach, was written by IshmaelOTDOP. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Mach is a robotic falcon, created by Ether Stimul as a gift for his son Janus.

Technology In ProgressEdit

Mach was originally just a simple toy bird, made because there is no wildlife on Mars. He soon became much more, as Ether added a central A.I. unit, making the bird completely under the control of the wielder, using a free-thinking processor to react almost like a real bird, but controlled from a wristwatch. It was given thrusters, powered by rippling sound-waves, and razor sharp retractable blades stashed on the underside of it's talons. When Janus received it as a gift on his nineteenth birthday, he immediately began to modify it, creating a camera up-link and fast-as-thought communications system, which Janus connected to a neural transmitter that he replaced his own eye with.

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