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The Mad Elvises are a uniquely themed supervillain group that combined super-powered crime with musical tribute.


The origin of the Mad Elvises came about largely by accident. Initially, the Mad Elvises were relatively normal people, working together as the organizational committee of an Elvis Impersonator convention. However, during one trip to Las Vegas for their convention, they found that the convention centre was double-booked with a Beatles tribute band convention. Furious, the organizers stormed out, demanding to speak to the management.

And at that point, a tanker carrying a load of hazardous waste exploded outside the convention.

Rather then being killed, each member of the organizational committee gained super powers. Seeing an opportunity for vengeance, they went on a rampage across Vegas, destroying the convention centre, its management and several Beatles tribute bands before embarking on a crime spree that saw them make off with millions of dollars.

Reorganized into an Elvis-themed supervillain group, the now so-called “Mad Elvises” engaged in superpowered crime across the nation. Their reign of classic rock terror was only ended with the intervention of several superheroes who managed to defeat them during a battle in Nashville, Tennessee which saw all but two of the group’s members captured.

Not to be deterred, the remaining Mad Elvises decided to reform the group using Elvis impersonator impersonators. Recruiting several other supervillains, the formed a “new” Mad Elvises, and remained a constant threat to life and limb.


Originally, the Mad Evlises were made up of a dozen Elvis Impersonators who all gained their powers from a single chemical accident. To help confuse opponents to their numbers and abilities, they simply assigned themselves numbers; the first was “Mad Elvis #1”, then “Mad Elvis #2” and so on.

Following the downfall of the original Mad Elvises, the remaining members continued this tradition by giving random, non sequential numbers to their new recruits. As the group changed, this practice was largely abandoned in favour of giving its members a temporary codename based on their abilities; this has yielded members such as “Telekenetic Elvis”, “Shockwave Elvis”, “Robot Elvis”, “Shemale Elvis” and ‘’Superfluous Elvis”.

When working for the Mad Elvises, its members are required to dress in Elvis tribute costumes. Musical talent is not needed.

Current MembersEdit

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