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The Mageneus Cluster is a star cluster several light years outside The Milky Way, and contains the homeworld of the Nions, aliens that harness powerful cosmic abilities. While Earth has not been at war with the species, the Nions have never thought of Humans as a major threat.


The Nions are very identical to humans except for their slightly ice-blue and sometimes crystal skin. Believed to be the kin of ancient aliens, the Nions spend most of their time learning about their species and their strange evolution. Many people identify Nions by their telemorphic emotions. When the Nions feel a certain emotion, their skin and hair sometimes turns to a different color. The only known "emotion colors" are:

Red - Angry

Blue - Normal, Calm

Green - Disgusted

Pink - Embarrassed

Purple - Love

Yellow - Concerned

Gray - Scared

Orange - Sad, Upset

Well-Known NionsEdit

  • Orion - Wrongly convicted fugitive on the run from Nion Law Enforcement. Came to Earth out of desperation to escape, and quickly became known and acclaimed as the first "alien" to reveal itself.
  • Rante Loak - President of the Nion Homeworld. Has been a valued taret for assassination attempts, but has survived all 8 of his near-death experiences.
  • Telemus-Viari - A dictator who started the first AHM (Anti-Human Movement), which quickly spread across the Nion Homeworld as a form of racism according to human officials. Telemus remains alive.
  • Sersia-Meus - A female Kingpin, Sersia became a well-known criminal ordering assassinations, one of them on a former president of the Nion Homeworld, and intergalactic piracy and murder. Sersia remains alive.


  • All of the names of the Nion civilization are Greek names.
  • The word "Nion" is a homophone to the word "Neon".

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