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"They came, I saw them. Slithering around in the darkness! Thousands. They're coming. And they won't leave until not a single man, Human, is living. We have no chance. NO CHANCE! We'll be too late. By the time we're ready, the world 'll be a spec of dust in this ever-decreasing galaxy. To be exact, they'll descend on this planet and strip it clean of all life. Then they'll feed off of our energy. They'll grow. Nothing can stop them. Not the LoV, not the UN, not the MA. No one. Nothing will save us now."

The MakataEdit

A TheInvasion

Makata soldiers invade Earth.

The Makata are a violent race of aliens, who want to exterminate mankind. They have been described as "Alien Vampire Nazis", because for one, they are extraterrestrial, hence the term alien, two, they feed on our plasma, which blood flows through, hence the term vampire, and they want to control every planet in our galaxy, hence the term, Nazi. The Makata's main goal is simple, ruling the galaxy. They are going to take over one planet at a time, starting with the center of life for the galaxy, Earth.

Makata NavyEdit

Crystal-class Cruiser

A Makata Dreadnought over Earth

Makata Battleship

A Makata Battleship (center)

Coventry Invincible

A Makata Assault Carrier

The Makatan Navy is the most powerful in the galaxy, but its ships may be easily destroyed from inside and out. Even a relatively weak MOAB (In galactic standards) can take down their battleships. However, the relative ease of construction and excellent technology make them easily replaced.

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