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Evil spirit Malum

Malum in the shadows.

Malum Phasmatis, more commonly known as simply Malum, is the King of Darkness.


Malum Phasmatis is latin for Evil Spirit.


After the First War of Darkness, Malum was entombed in the Shadow Forest. Malum is also the Demon of Nightmares, as he controlled nightmares, often making them so terrible that people died of fright in their sleep. He and his minions often appeared as ghosts and evil spirits, possessing humans and animals. It is suspected that with the capture of Caliga, Glacies, and Incendia, rather than being captured himself, secured himself somewhere in the cursed Shadow Forest.

Malum had a deadly secret that he kept from his siblings. However, his sister Incendia found out, and he swore her to silence. Malum was the only member of the Shadow Fellowship who was fond of her.


Malum was calm, and never lost his temper. He had no mercy, or pity.

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