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""Malum smash this! Malum smash that!" You lot are lucky I like breaking things, otherwise I might break a few heads!"
—Malum arguing with his fellow Umbrals

Malum is a Level 4 Umbral and a powerful member of The Children of Darkness.


Once a Pro Wrestler, Jasper Langwell lost his stardom and his career after getting into a terrible car accident in which his driver swerved out of the way of a rock slide and right off a cliff. Langwell miraculously survived the fatal wreck, but ended up crippled from the waist down and thus couldn't wrestle anymore. He ended up spending most of his fortune in an attempt to find a way for him to get back in the ring, but tragically the former star remained in his wheelchair for several years.

He began spending most of his time buying and reading books, boosting his intelligence instead of his already massive muscles, and one day came across an old work of Shade literature. While not really believing the subjects the book spoke of to actually be true, Langwell decided to amuse himself by attempting to bend shadows to his will. It worked... To an extent. As with all Umbrals, the darkness turned on, and consumed him, transforming and reconfiguring his body into a monstrous new form.


Having kept his previous intelligence, Malum has the attitude of a Heavy Weight World Champion Wrestler; Hard-headed and cocky. He usually imagines himself as being unbeatable, even though his master Kagai and even the berserk Akuma have put him in his place quite a few times in the past.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

His transformation into an Umbral granted the previous mobility that he had longed for for so long, but also morphed his athletic body into a form that resembles the Incredible Hulk in appearance. His skin turned red in color, and became rough and strong like rock.

  • Pro Wrestling Skills: Although most Television Wrestling is fake, the skills and moves Malum learned can be extremely devastating, especially since he transformed. He uses a variety of suplexes, elbow drops, and even pile-drivers all having enough power to flatten a Mutant Alliance APC.
  • Hulking Form: Malum's body is massive, being almost five times the size of a normal human. This intimidating appearance can make even Level 4 Mutants to turn tail from any sort of fight with him.
  • Immense Strength: In physical terms, Malum's strength is actually greater then that of Akuma's, turning him into the Umbrals' own personal wrecking ball.
  • Rock-Hard Skin: Explains itself really...
  • Regeneration: Out of all the Umbrals, Malum has the slowest regeneration rate. It is possible that this is because of the disability he had before his transformation.

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