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Marrow the Unnatural after his mutation
Marrow the Unnatural
Personal Data
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'7" (Pre-Mutation), 8'3" (Post-Mutation)
Weight: 203 lbs (Pre-Mutation), Unknown (Post-Mutation
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black (Pre-Mutation)
Biographical Data
Place of Birth: Shuto Kage
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Abilities
  • Power Mimic
  • Shadow-Movement
  • Self-Duplication
  • Darkness Manipulation
  • Dark-Matter Manipulation
  • Intangibility
  • Regeneration
  • Immortality
  • Superior Strength
  • Full Power
  • True Form
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Unneeded Darkness''


Marrow the Unnatural is a great mystery amongst the Shade Scribes, as he seemed to appear out of nowhere to steal the thrown from the previous King of the Shades. However, after he became King, it soon became known far and wide that he was a Cruel and Unjust ruler. He slaughtered livestock just for fun, made false accusations of treason about anyone whom he disliked, and even had his guards kidnap younger Shade women so that he may gain pleasure from them. It is believed that he was born in Shuto Kage, but there weren't any records of his birth.

After nearly 400 thousand earth years since he had become King, Marrow was overthrown during a rebel attack on his castle, being defeated and thrown into prison by Baracuss the Dark. Vowing revenge, Marrow escaped from his cell and fled the city. Around 900 years later, when both Baracuss and his friend Moravian the Doombringer were captured by the forces of the Verse Grinder, Marrow willingly threw himself into the inter-dimensional portal. However, the energies the portal was giving off ripped at his DNA, and mutated him permanently into his True Form. Marrow saw this as a gift, however, and continued his hunt for the Shade King.

He came across Mutants, Humans, and another strange race but none of them posed a worthy challenge against his new power. He found Baracuss at a Mutant Alliance compound in Alaska, and proceeded in attacking him and knocking him out. However, Marrow declared himself as King of the Shades to quickly, as Baracuss was still alive. He flew off without completing his mission, and hasn't been seen since.


  • Possession: Marrow can take control of a living being for a limited time.
    • Power Mimic: Using his possession skills, Marrow can wield another Super's powers.
  • Shadow-Movement: Ability to move instantly to new locations via the Shadows.
  • Self-Duplication: Marrow can create copies of himself using shadows.
  • Darkness Manipulation: Ability to bend darkness to his will.
    • Dark-Matter Manipulation: A special ability that comes with years of training. The ability to bend the properties of Dark-Matter to form rays or beams.
  • Intangibility: Ability to move through solid objects.
  • Regeneration: Marrow can heal using the darkness around him.
  • Immortality: As long as there is darkness, Marrow lives forever.
  • Superior Strength: Marrow is three times as strong as a normal human.
  • Full Power: During a period of extreme Darkness, such as a lunar Eclipse, Marrow's powers multiply!
  • True Form: Marrow's true form looks like a Gargoyle, as is the true form of all Shades. Marrow is in his true form all of the time due to the mutation of the Verse-Grinder, and his scaly skin has turned a reddish color.
  • Energy Manipulation: Marrow's mutation. Using this, Marrow can bend energy to his will, just as well as Darkness.
  • Unneeded Darkness: Another one of Marrow's mutations. Unlike most Shades, who need darkness in order to perform most of their powers, Marrow can be engulfed in the full light of day and still wield his powers, masterfully.


  • Shade: Marrow can be killed/destroyed by another Shade.

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