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Mauve Vampire

A spooky bloodthirsty vampire. Be afraid.

Draco Bunin was born in a Slavic village during the 18th century.

History Edit

His skin was a light grey-violet and his hair was purple. His parents thought that he would be seen as a demon spawn by the people so they raised him in secret. Draco would age very slowly; when he was 13, he looked barely four. His parents later died of disease so he went out looking for a place to hide from people who would want to kill him.

150 years later, he moved to Canada and found out that he was a mutant. He was adopted by a couple, but they died of old age.

Personality Edit

Being the oldest, Drake is the most mature of The Rainbow Gang and is probably the most empathic and diligent too. He enjoys doing things like math and reading. Drake helps the Rainbow Gang with finding and defeating criminals.

Anatomy Edit

Drake's cells are made in such a way that they are able to detach and reattach. This is how he is able to turn into a mist-like fluid. Drake's cells are also very hardy and allow him to pick up things hundreds of times heavier then his own weight. He can also move fast and is able to accomplish sustained flight.

Drake's brain is extremely complicated. Like the rest of his body, it can turn into the fluid but Drake's thoughts are unaffected. The brain can do complex equations in split seconds, as well as other things. It allows Drake to read minds and detect people's feelings, both physical and emotional.

Drake's body is powered by blood and blood alone (or a blood-like substitute). Any other food makes him sick and he finds them disgusting. His digestive system manages to turn the blood into energy and nutrients.

The way Drake ages is Y = 1.5^X + X^2 where Y is the ammount of years he lived and X is his physical age.

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