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Max Dash
Created by:
Origin: Mutant/Science
Category: Speedster/Gadgeteer
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Classified
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human Mutant
Age: 31
Height: 1.7m
Weight: NA
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: Taiwan
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Taipei
Affiliation: Taiwanese Government
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Classified
Known Powers
Super Speed and agility, superior reflexes
Training / Abilities
Able to construct various devices at high speed
Various electronic gadgets and weapons

An aspiring tinker, Max Dash rose from humble beginnings to become one of the greatest heroes in all of Taiwan.


Max Dash (his true name is classified by the Taiwanese government) was born a mutant, gifted with the powers of super-speed. Already athletic and competitive, his powers first began to manifest in his early teens. While at the time, Max was a member of his high school’s sports teams, he chose to withdraw from them, feeling that his powers were giving him an unfair advantage, as well as not wanting to publicly display them.

Instead, he turned to his second love; tinkering and engineering. Always interested in electronics and mechanics, he spent his spare time working on various electrical and mechanical devices as a hobby. Many of them had no immediate application, instead he built them for the simple fun of building them and seeing what he could create. Over time, he assembled several useful devices, such as a special mask that continued numerous optics and sensors, as well as an advanced communications system.

It was while he was tinkering with his helmet that he accidentally jumped into local emergency services; a fire had broken out in a high-rise office building nearby, with numerous people trapped inside. Knowing the building, he also knew that it would be very hard to get anyone out of there – at least, for normal men. Donning his helmet, he hastily put together a costume and raced to the scene of the emergency. Running past the barricades, he ran into the building, using his speed to rush through the flames and evacuate those inside.

Soon he was using his speed to race across the country, fighting crime and saving lives from disasters, both natural and man-made. Initially relying on just his speed, he began to develop various gadgets to help him in his efforts. As his experience grew, so did his reputation; the media gave him the nickname “Max Dash” after comments form a party of tourists who were saved from a capsizing ferry.

However, it was a moment of national crisis that was his greatest hour. The Taiwanese parliament was invaded and taken over by a villain group called the Heavenly Sword(s), who were believed to be connected to the Communist Chinese government. The Heavenly Sword(s) demanded that the Taiwanese people surrender, or else they would start executing the nation’s leaders.

Not willing to let the criminals hold his county to hostage, Max took it upon himself to save them from the invaders. Using his speed and his devices, he infiltrated parliament and confronted the villains, disabling them and rescuing the hostages. Realising that their plans were undone, the Heavenly Sword(s) retreated.

Afterwards, Max was approached by the grateful politicians that he had saved who presented him with an opportunity. They would recognise him as the official hero of Taiwan and appoint him protector of the nation. In return for his services, they would provide him with their full support, including access to all the latest technologies to enhance his crime-fighting technologies. Max gladly agreed, proud to defend his nation’s safety and independence. Taking his nickname as his “official” name, he vowed to bravely defend Taiwan against all who would threaten it.

After several years of helping to protect his nation, Max was approached by the government for a special mission; there had been a sudden and dramatic rise in superhuman activity in Millennium City, including sightings of the Heavenly Sword(s) members. Feeling that these criminals were using the city as a base to launch their evil plans from, the Taiwanese Government sent Max as a representative of his nation and determine the truth behind these intentions.

Max briefly was involved in a coalition of other “national” superheroes who aimed to work together for international peace. However, his relationship with the group was somewhat strained by the fact that they allowed members from the PRC, as well as the group’s leader. An egotistical, self-important loudmouth, he elevated himself far above both his own ability and his country’s standing at the cost of those around him.


Max’s powers derive from two different areas; the first is his superhuman speed, allowing him to sprint at hundreds of kilometres an hour across great distances without tiring. He also has incredible reflexes and agility, allowing him to react faster then most people can follow. Combining the two allows him to move in and take out opponents before they have any idea of what is going on.

He augments his speed with his technology; the various gadgets and devices that he builds are designed to be used for a number of different purposes. Many of them are built from common technologies but optimised in ways that their original designers never intended; for example, a fletchette launcher built from a CD drive that shoots out of shattered disks. Aside from this and other weapons, he also carried an array of sensory and communications systems, again all repurposed from existing technologies.

If a situation calls for a new device that he does not possess; Max can use his super-speed to hastily break down some of his existing gadgets into their components and then re-build them into something completely different. This makes him very flexible and unpredictable.


Max Dash is brave and determined, willing to lay down his life if needs be in the service of his nation. He is selfless and heroic, and wants to do what is right by his country and his people. He strongly believes in Taiwanese independence, and does feel that the People’s Republic of China represents a threat to his nation; he has clashed with their agents in past, and feels that future battles are inevitable.

When he’s not running around saving the day and protecting his country, Max likes to work on his various gadgets and devices. He is constantly coming up with new inventions, and enjoys field-testing them to see exactly how they work.


In his mid 20s, Max is a rather handsome and athletic man. His costume is bright red and blue, with the Taiwanese sunburst on its chest. He wears silvery metallic gauntlets and boots as well as a utility belt, while his face is covered in a high-tech mask.

Max Dash’s image is well known in Taiwan; he appears on innumerable bootlegged products, from backpacks to lunchboxes to shoes and, of course, action figures.

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