• Alias: Will-O-Wisp
  • Age: Unknown (Immortal)
  • Height: 5'10
  • Weight: 173


Powers: Able to control any type of heat from energy, fire, lava, steam, anything. He just has to think about it and it happens. He can reduce heat to cease some of the energy from a hit, a bullet, or blast, mostly anything that requires energy to do to soften the impact or negate it in all depending on how powerful the attack was. He can also heat up anything to supernova levels including him. He can also heat selectively for example he can heat up a person so if someone touches it will burn them, but it won’t hurt the person that’s heated unless he wants it to. So he can heat up an object to scorching levels without the object suffering any damages like burns or scorches. So he can throw it and slice threw something because of the heat without the object obliterating to where it maintains the energy inside the object and at contact the energy releases then maintains it again after the attack is over to wear the object is still reusable. He also has the ability to teleport where he gets from his father.

Strength: He’s an expert in mostly everything due to his long life. Though he mostly uses his knowledge with espionage, sabotage, hand to hand combat, and weaponry because everything else seems useless to him. Though sometimes he doesn’t realize he uses his other knowledge like one time he was fighting an opponent and the attacker misused a word in a threat and Menarcx went on a rant about the origin of the word, how you would say the sentence correctly in everything and sometimes he gets carried away. Also his use of weaponry is put to the max when he uses his twin chakrams in battle and he heats them up to where they’re blazing hot, when this happens he can cut through anything besides vibranium and adamantium. He also gets more powerful as a battle prolongs.

Weaknesses: His family, he needs to have an image of where he’s going to teleport there, and he gets to cocky during battle which sometimes blurs his judgment and decisions.


Affiliates: Ragnarok, Neyaphem

Family: Nightcrawler (Stepbrother), Mystique (Stepmom), Azazel (Father)

Bio: He’s Azazel’s son and brother of Nightcrawler which makes him in competition for being the heir to the throne of Neyaphem if their father dies. Not much is known about Menarcx except that he’s part of an assassination group called Ragnarok and he snuck into the X-Mansion to give Nightcrawler a box. Nobody knows not even Nightcrawler what’s inside the box and they don’t know how to open it either. Though he has surfaced somewhere near the location of the X-Mansion and the X-Men think it’s to assassinate one of the members. Nobody knows his real motives.

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