Quick FactsEdit

Height: 5 ft 11

Pre Immortal Height: 5 ft

Weight: 170 lbs

Pre Immortal Weight: 84 lbs

Abilities: Ability to Harness the power of eternal darkness, able to become 1 with the darkness, Above Super Human level intelligence, Mind waves, Mind control, thought control, able to suck the lif out of peopl


Juraez De La Sanchez La Devida was born in Cadiz Spain May 18th 1378 to a family of rich merchants. Because of his deformed face, they threw him in a chamber of darkness in an abandoned library in their house that was torn up after a grease fire in their house. They took all the windows out and filled them. He was left there to die, but one of the maids secretly fed him, and taught him to read and write. He was a very very intelligent boy. It seemed like, his eyes got darker and darker as the years went by. He spent 20 hours a day reading, and writing within the abandoned libraries. His knowledge grew. He was trapped in that dark library for 20 years, he already had superhuman knowledge. He could see in the pitch dark like a normal room with the lights on. During a battle between Constantino, and a Mongol Horde, Constantino found him. Constantino was impressed with his knowledge and wanted to free him. Constantino performed the ritual on him and he grew 11 inches ans gained almost 100 lbs of muscle. His skin burned when brought outside, so he was cloaked in pitch black robes. He lived until the 1600s as a hero, than him being burnt out after the freezing of Constantino retreated into a dark cottage in Castilla Spain. He spent all his money on taxes and books. He harnessed his power in the dark, and became very powerful.


In 2014, Constantio found him and asked him to help reform the Elite 5. He agreed, and was one of the main Hero Generals during the battle against the great exterior force. He now serves on the head board of the Justice League, and as a trainer to the new hero trainees.



In the Dark of Night harnessing his dark power


His hood off harnessing power

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