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General DescriptionEdit

800px-Helljumper Squad

The Standerd Mexican Soldier in a firefight.

The Mexican Soldier,also known as HellBringers,were the standerd Soldier for the Mexican Army. After Kesh,a new renewable energy resource only discovered in North America, Mexico became a Super Power of Earth along with Canada allowing them to create better equipment allowing the Mexican Soldier to become the feared enemy to the Coalition of Red Nations. They also fought in the North American Wars against Canada and the United States of America. They wore standerd Mexican Armor, which was tough enough to survive a one thousand foot drop. The Hellbringers also used the standerd issue M1600 and the AK80,the M1600 had a range of two miles and the AK80 could use any type of Small Arm ammunition. During the Great Human War Mexico sided with the United Nations and some members of the Armed Forces became Spartans.

800px-BR55HB SR Battle Rifle

The Standerd Issue M1600.


  • Hellbringers were inspired by Halo's ODSTs.[1]