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This article is about the Earth-A93 version. For the member of the Legion of Vigilance, please see Michael Young (LoV).


Michael Young was a normal boy until his fifteenth birthday, when he developed telekinetic abilities. Although at first afraid, he was found by Glamis, an organization about mutants, and they helped him control his powers. It was there that he first met Isaiah. He would later help his cousins through their powers. During his cousin's birthday party, he led his powered cousins in a rescue mission to a local school where Isaiah was attempting to kill Samuel Teslar. Mike helped prevent Sam's death, but Isaiah escaped. Isaiah would later kidnap Mike's girlfriend, Molly Collins, and use her to bait him. With assistance from Jacob Roberts and Alex Contantine, Mike found and fought Isaiah. He lost and was badly beaten, but later revived by David. He then killed Isaiah with the help of Molly. Shannon accidentally teleports him back in time to the Middle Ages. He is attacked by a knight but saved. It was later revealed that he found a way to undo his aging, allowing him to become immortal.  Eventually, his companion knight died, and Mike promised to protect his descendants.  Little did the knight know that Michael Young was a descendant of his.  Michael then took the dead knight's armor and continued through history.

As SwordsmanEdit

He took on the name of Swordsman for a time, manipulating events to ensure that they produced the same result as the true path. He is shown warning his father about his soon disappearance, and told Isaiah what steps to take. He allied himself with Matthias and co., and helped free Abraham and bring Isaiah back to life. He then discovered the plans Mr. Zhai had for world domination, and decided to finally reveal his return to his cousins at Hailey's house, bringing the rest of his crew with him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mike can used his telekinesis to move objects and fight. He has also expirimented with levitation.  He can stimulate cell regeneration, which allows him to heal rapidly and undo aging.  Because of this , he is approximately 516 years old.


  • Epilepsey: Michael has debilitating epilepsey. This can lead to headaches in front of flashing cameras, and even complete paralysis when in the presence of strobe lights and police lights.


Currently a horse, armor, and a broadsword.

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