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An alternate version of Michael Young from Earth-A93. This article is about the Legion of Vigilance version.

Mike Young

Michael Young, deep in thought pre-blind

Michael Young
Hero of the Legion of Vigilance
Created-by: Adamantium93
Division: Survivors of Makata Invasion
Date Joined: Day of Makata Invasion
Origin: Mutant, fifteenth birthday
Medical Conditions: Blind, otherwise in top shape.
Personal Data
Real Name: Michael Young
Known Aliases: None
Species: Mutant
Age: 20
Height/Weight: 6' 4", 160 lbs.
Eye/Hair Color: Brown for both.
Citizenship: Formerly US, Japan.
Current Residence: Currently inside the Makata Mother-Ship.
Marital Status: Widower.
Known Relatives: Parents: Unknown (Deceased)

Wife: Molly Young (Thought deceased, recently revealed to be alive.)

Known Powers
Incredible Telekinetic Power.
Training / Abilities
Very agile, exceptional swordsman.
Katana, Fracture of Time.


He was once a boy who had everything, than he lost it all. When the war came, he remained neutral and helped treat wounded with his girlfriend, whom he later married in a ruined church. He also studied Kendo at this time, quickly mastering it. He was attempting to rescue his wife from wreckage when the Makata invaded. He was saved from death by his powers, but was blinded, and saw his wife die before his eyes. He joined with the Legion of Vigilance on the train to Oregon. At Oregon, they were ambushed and instead fled to an oil tanker. While in travel, the ship was attacked by Makata. He fought two in the bridge before going to engineering, where he fought another five single-handedly and then took the bomb that was set to blow. He flew away with it, and protected himself from the explosion. He returned to the lifeboats after the ship was abducted. He took charge on the isalnd, organizing the other heroes. During the assault led by Bar'thok, Mike is taken out. He reawakens in the mother-ship, as they are unable to use his abilities. He is also immune to brainwashing, so Bar'thok is to "Break Him". During a verbal fight, Bar'thok says that it was Mike's fault Molly died. Mike gets so enraged that he unleashes a telekinetic blast so powerful that it undoes the brainwashing on Alex. Mike also realizes that his eyes have healed. The two then proceed to release the captive heroes and destroy the Makata research. They plan to hijack the Makata ship and detonate its self-destruct sequence inside the rest of the fleet, destroying it. Mike retreived his katana, and also found the Fracture of Time (unaware of its true power). They proceeded to the bridge, where Alex was killed. Mike fought the Super Makata, but was losing until he absorbed the power from the Fracture of Time. He then obliterated all seven Super Makata, but was stopped from killing the Fuhrer when it was revealed that his wife, Molly Young, was still alive. After a few moments of confrontation, Mike killed the Fuhrer and destroyed the entire Makata army using the crystal. The crystal then left him, seeking out another world. He was last seen with the other heroes on Earth.


Although he was once optimistic, his optimism burned away with the world. He now has a very cynical outlook on life, expecting the worst. When called a pessimist, he says: "I am a realist. It is not my fault reality is pessimistic." However, he has a strong will, fighting even while blind. He is also very caring about others, and will put himself in grave danger to ensure the safety of strangers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Michael Young

Michael Young using his abilities, pre-blind

Mike has amazing telekinetic ability, and at full power would be the most powerful being in the universe. He used it to feel his way around while blind, allowing him an imperfect sight. His telekinesis is so powerful that he could stimulate cell division, causing healing. He is also very agile. He is a skilled swordsman, having learned Kendo in Japan, and can fight blind. He also has some knowledge of first aid. He was dangerous while blind, and with the Fracture of Time became an even more powerful opponent. Although the crystal has now left him, he is still a powerful hero.


Mike wields a katana in battle.

He wore the Fracture of Time, but it has since left him.

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