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Millenium Chemicals Disaster
The Chemical Plant on fire.
Vital statistics
Participants Captain Cosmic, Other Civillians
Date November 3rd, 1998
Location Near Millenium City
The Millenium Chemicals Disaster is a fictional event created by XtranormalGeek.


The Millenium Chemicals Disaster occurred on November 3rd, 1998 and is still holding the record for the worst industrial accident in the United States. The cause of the disaster is still being investigated, and there are currently no leads. The disaster caused the deaths of 56 people, and injured almost 100, one of them being Richard Blake, now commonly known as Captain Cosmic.

Captain Cosmic's NotesEdit

Never has anything more worse happened to me. I remember the normal day, coffee, cleaning out the chemical tanks, surgical mask on, watching the others around me do their jobs, and then suddenly, I heard the yell of one of my buddies, Shawn: "FIRE!". I froze in complete anxiety, I then turned around to see that there was a blazing fire behind me. I could already tell that someone had been engulfed due to the screaming of "Nos!" from several of my co-workers. Next thing I knew- BANG, some canisters that held radiation blown up, spreading the fire even more. I stormed up to the walkway above the fire, trying to not trip or get caught in an explosion, but my worst fear came true. All of a sudden, I was blown back by a large explosion that blew through the walkway. I realized I was trapped, then, I heard another "BANG", and I was knocked off the walkway. I landed in one of the tanks that wasn't being scorched by the flames, and, to my dismay, I was in a tank still full of chemicals. I was about 99% sure I was going to die, and I blacked out. Next thing I knew, I'm in this bed. The damn thought of that day makes the hair on my neck stand up.


  • The rumors that SCORPIO was involved in the disaster are still being spread around, much to the frustration of Drake Slayte.
  • This disaster lead to the motivation for Richard's choice to be a hero.

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