Mindjolt is a superhero and has powers as a result of an oil rig accident.


He wears a red helmet with a black stick with a yellow ball on it and a small insignia of a yellow lightning bolt on it.he wears black laced boots and a green jacket and black trousers with a red belt


Mindjolt got his powers because as he was walking past a treasure chest on an oil rig he tripped and kicked open the treasure chest,then a tube came out of it with green stuff in it that turned from gas to liquid and back every 7 seconds,then he stepped on a peice of metal and dropped it and it smashed,he tripped and his head hit the floor and was covered in the green stuff.His powers are ceating illusions'messing peoples minds up and blasting lightning bolts from his hands and helmet.


In 2013 he was in egypt with his friend Meteorite and then he heard a beeping-ticking noise from one of the pyramids,then the pyramid exploded and Meteorite was the only survivor.They found his remains and buried him in their own cemetry for dead heroes and heroines.He once came back to life because of an unknown force calling itself Externa but after he was revived he soon died again after jumping in front of a fellow super hero who he had a grudge against and an evil minion shot him.

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