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Mindlady is the co-leader of the O.M.E.G.A. League, and the most powerful.


Hero Information
Name   Mindlady
Power Genre   Offensive, Defensive
Gender   Female
Part of Team   Co-Leader
Powers   Energy Manipulation:
Energy Shield
Energy Blast
Time Travelling
Thinking Powers:
Thought Entering
Memory Draining
Memory Gaining
Dream Entering
Weaknesses   Stronger Energy
Developed From   Mindalia
Preferred Equipment   Multiformer, Power Increaser
Preferred Weapon   Multiformer
Preferred Vehicle   None
Worst Enemy   The Elastic Bando
Favorite Quote   With great power comes great usage, with absoulute power comes carelessness.

Powers Edit

  • Energy Shield
  • Energy Blast
  • Teleportation
  • Levitation
  • Time Travelling
  • Thought Entering: She can enter other's thoughts and change them, as well as she can bring others into her thoughts, and herself.
  • Memory Draining: She can wipe your memory forever or temporarily.
  • Memory Gaining: She can remember anything that happened, and recover from amnesia.
  • Telepathy: As her greatest power, she can let her mind manipulate great limits.
  • Dream Entering

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