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Remember son, a wise man once said: with great power comes great responsibility.

- Marshall Wentworth to Mon-El during his pre-teen years

While his exact date of birth remains a mystery, Mon-El was born on the distant planet El before being sent to protect the Earth during his early childhood years by his mother, Aura. His father, King Zordon, leader of the superhuman race inhabiting the planet El, wished to enslave humanity and claim Earth as his own. Though he comes off as mild-mannered and level-headed, Mon-El is romantically linked with Candice Stone, a masked semi-villainess who has a tendency to steal high-priced artifacts and jewels, and frequently tells him that he should 'live a little'.


Mon-El is, for the most part, genuinely kind-hearted and faithful to the woman he loves, whereas his father was known to have many wives, and his brother too was acknowledged to have three spouses, one of them most notably being Rubeth Wisely. While referred to by most of the Legion members, his brother, and girlfriend as a bona fide 'Goody-Two-Shoes', Mon-El has been widely acclaimed as the 'Wonder Boy', the 'Face of Tomorrow', 'Superboy' and 'The New Face of Justice' by the inhabitants of Meridian City and as such, has been awarded the key to the city. After the destruction of his home planet at the hands of his brother, Ken, who'd recently had a falling-out with their father, Mon-El left the planet Earth in search of a galactic witch/oracle who possessed the ability to reincarnate the planet El and its people.

While on Earth, Mon-El has not only developed a romantic relationship, but has also become best-friends with his adoptive brother Hank Harper, CEO of the billion-dollar Harper Corp. franchise and alter-ego of the masked hero; the Black Crusader. Upon his arrival to Earth, Mon-El, who'd visably been stripped of any memory of his alien origins, was discovered wandering the streets by an off-duty police patroller and was sent to live at the Meridian City Orphanage, which was being sponsered at the time, by Hank's mother, Pamela Harper, after giving the policeman clear indications that he was parentless.

He usually sticks to the standard 'no-kill' superhero moral and often scolds his adoptive brother, Hank, for becoming a cold-hearted killer after their father's murder when Mon-El was ten, and Hank was merely thirteen. Similar to his brother and the remaining inhabitants of the 'new El', in which Mon-El has become their leader, Mon-El is extremely vulnerable to the metallic chemical element, Uranium.

Early ChildhoodEdit

Mon-El is the birthchild of King Zordon and his wife, Queen Aura, leaders of the superhuman planet El. Although the vast majority of El-liens appear to be bold and aggressive (for instance, his father and younger brother), Mon-El is generous, sensitive and kind, a personality that his father states he has 'inherited from his mother'.

When Mon-El was seven-years-old, he was sent to Earth and stripped of his memory by his mother after she overheard Zordon planning to takeover the planet Earth in a few years time for his selfish desire of expanding his reign in hopes of becoming King of the Galaxy. With the help of Galaxia, an inter-galactic witch/oracle, Aura safely shipped Mon-El to the planet Earth in hopes that he would one day protect it as well as its race from his dictorial father, who planned to force the citizens of Earth into becoming slaves for the 'higher beings' of the universe, his people. Shortly after arriving to Earth, Mon-El was found wandering the streets of Meridian City by a gentle-spirited off-duty police patroller, who took Mon-El to his home for the night and bought him to the city orphanage in the morning. It was not long after that did Pamela Harper discover the seemingly intelligent, good-looking child and adopted him as her own.
Mon el2

Displaying his telescopic vision at the age of 18.

While living under the Harper household, Mon-El, who Pamela gave the alias 'Vance Harper', developed a loving brotherly relationship with her biological son, Hank, who was first in line for carrying on his father's multi-billion dollar business. Although very wealthy, Pamela, who was raised on a farm alongside her sister, Beth, by her hard-working parents, instilled her sons with a strong sense of morals, and encourages the both of them to work hard despite their status as the wealthiest people in all of Meridian City. She also reminds them that there is good in everyone, but goes on say that some display their goodness in a more compassionate way than others.

While Mon-El is deeply effected by Pamela's training him to one day become a temperate, less inclined man, he also begins to experience his superhuman abilities, such as lifting Hank's car completely out of a pot-hole at the age of ten. Along with under-going this metamorphasis, Mon-El's personality becomes more aggressive, much like his father's, and Pamela sends him to live with her parents, Kate and Marshall Wentworth, beleiving that she has failed him as his mother.

During his stay at the Wentworth farm, Mon-El proves to be a great help around the house, although Kate continuously complained about his messy room, questioning why Mon-El kept every room in the house clean except for his own. Unlike Pamela, the Wentworth's don't give up with they are confronted by Mon-El's newfround aggressive nature, but instead, made sure to love him even more in hopes that his hostile behavior would subside, which it eventually does. When Mon-El asks his grandparents why they didn't give him up like Pamela had, they responded by saying that they 'believe in people'. Their sense of idealism greatly helps mold Mon-El's current mannerisms and outlook on life, and seemingly has softened him, permanently repressing his abominable El-lien disposition in the process. It is only after his encounter with the Wentworths, who he now dubs as 'Mom' and 'Dad', does Mon-El learn that humanity isn't as atrocious as it seemed to be.

==Controlling His Powers


Mon-El demonstrated his first display of his superhuman origin during his stay at the Wentworth Farm at the age of eleven, when he effortlessly picked up a tractor that had tipped over on top of the family's eldest cow, who'd Mon-El comedically nicknamed Old Bessie. Though visibly shocked by their grandson's show of strength, neither Kate or Marshall discriminated against him, but helped him to gain control over his extraterrestrial tenacity. By doing so, Marshall and Kate firstly warned Mon-El of the people of the world who might not accept his unordinary origins as easily or lovingly as they and Hank had.

At the age of twelve, Mon-El, afraid that he'd get detention for being late for school for the third time in a row, begins to run to school after he's missed the school bus, only to find himself there in a matter of two seconds, which is impressive given as the school is located two miles away. Around this time, Mon-El has created a friendly relationship with a boy named Jester Somers, the well-known class clown, who'd eventually become one his most dangerous enemies in the near future. After their gym class, Mon-El, whose vision had become blurry prior to his two-second sprint to school, begins to experience the power of x-ray vision for the first time, although unfortunately, he is staring at the wall of the principal's office, where the head of the school and Mon-El's teacher are sharing a passionate moment. Disgusted by this and frightened due to his incapibility to control his power, Mon-El hurries to leave school and confront his grandparents about the situation. Ultimately, Marshall is able to help Mon-El to supress his x-ray vision, though this takes three days to do so.

Evidently proud of Mon-El's developing power, Marshall confides in him with the legendary saying 'with great power, comes great responsibilty' and convinces Mon-El to use his powers for the sake of humanity, stating that 'everybody needs a hero, even if he hasn't hit puberty yet'.

In the prequel The Adventures of Superboy: Everybody Loves A Clown, a fourteen-years-old Mon-El alongside Hank, who he still keeps in contact with, and his best-friend, Jester, are enjoying a circus show, though throughout the entire showing, Jester is unenthusiastic. Sensing his friend's indifference, Mon-El later questions him about his resentment towards the circus and Jester informs Mon-El that his father was once a humorous man, referring to his own personality, Jester then says that 'nobody found his jokes as amusing as I did. And eventually, it killed him'. Saddened by Jester's honesty of his father's death, Mon-El then confides in Jester, telling him that he too, lost a father, though his loss was courtesy of the rising crime in Meridian City rather than suicide. Later on, however, it is revealed that Jester's father, Zarbos, is alive and is dating the younger sister of Mon-El's on/off girlfriend, Susan Stone, via mind control.

In the second part of the feature, Mon-El is shown accompaying his grandmother to the bank when a gang of muggers appear and attempts to rob the place. After convincing Mon-El against the idea of using his powers in public and risking his identity being discovered, Mon-El acts as an innocent bystander. It is only when the masked robber attempts to shoot Kate, that Mon-El pulls her out of the way, sheilding her from the bullet but getting hit in the arm as a result. Astonished by his invulnerability to the bullet, Mon-El and Kate hurry home and informs Marshall of their grandson's newest competency. Marshall then orders Mon-El to show him the place where he was shot, and Mon-El pulls up the sleeve to his shirt, his arm appearing completely unharmed, indicating that he'd been hit in the forearm but hadn't felt anything.

==Discovering His Ancestry


With the extraordinary abilities of superhuman strength and speed, along with x-ray vision and a limited extent of invulnerability under his belt, a now fifteen-years-old Mon-El is curious of how he came to be. He takes a trip to see Siren in The Legacy of El, a local enchantress who claims to have the skill of mind control, and pays her to tap into his memory bank. Although she refuses to undergo the procedure at first, she recognizes Mon-El as the prophecy her mother, Galaxia, foretold her of and happily delves into his mind.

With Siren's help, Mon-El recovers his memory of once living on the distant planet of El as the crown prince and eldest son of its King, making him next in line for the throne. He then questions her of the wereabouts of his home planet and she responds by telling him that she doesn't know. He questions her further, and Siren explains that her mother, Galaxia, would provide him with the answers he yearns for in due time, stating that he 'wasn't ready to face off against his father just yet'.

Later on that night, Mon-El is visited by his mother, Aura, in a dream, and she states that she has been watching over him and is proud of the man he is becoming. Taking it that his biological mother, whom he bears a striking resemblance to, is dead, Mon-El is discouraged to leave the sanctum of his bedroom, and once again, is scolded by his grandmother for not cleaing up his room. Angered with the fact that Kate is breating him during his time of depression and is not taking his feelings into concideration, Mon-El accidentally unleashes the power of his heat-ray vision, destroying his computer desk without leaving a trace of evidence. Afraid that he might hurt Kate unintentionally, Mon-El returns to Meridian City and stays with Hank for the weekend, who he confides in with his trip to Siren, the dream of his mother, and lastly, almost killing Kate. Hank slaps Mon-El on the back of the head, stating that he 'could've killed grandma', but advises him against trying to find out more information about his origins.

Taking up Hank's word, Mon-El returns to the Wentworth Farm, where Kate and Marshall are enraged that he would storm off without so much as a 'good-bye' and that they were worried sick about him.

After school, Mon-El decides to visit Siren again, and this time, she fortells him of a future foe, and claims that it is a very good friend of his, someone he considers a brother, and states that she cannot speak any further. Morally confused, Mon-El runs home, where Jester is awaiting his arrival, and has caught a glimpse of Mon-El using his super-speed. After confronting him about this, Mon-El denies having any superpowers, afraid that Jester would consider him a freak, and dismisses the conversation. Jester then says that he and Mon-El have been friends for too long, and that they shouldn't be keeping secrets from each other.

Candice StoneEdit

After a late night tending to the farm, Mon-El overhears the radio from outside, recalling the exploits of the infamous Cat Burglar. Interested, Mon-El begins to study her robbery pattern, and soon enough, he catches her attempting to steal jewels from the Harper Mansion. At first, she tries to apprehend him and uses her bullwhip, but it seemingly has no effect on him. After a second attempt, Mon-El grabs the whip and crushes it into dust. Clearly intimidated by his show of strength, Candice hands over the jewels (most of them) and jumps out of the window and into the night, hoping from rooftop to rooftop, something that impresses Mon-El.

When Mon-El returns the jewelry to Hank, Pamela asks him if he recognized the robber, and Mon-El replies 'no', but tells them that it was a female who sounded as if she were in her teenage years.

During Mon-El has become somewhat infatuated with the sultry vixen, Candice, and looks fowards to their late night meetings the more he sees her, until one night, she makes the first move and kisses him. Although he is stunned by this, Mon-El soon finds himself enjoying the moment. Though she gets away with the loot, Mon-El retrieves it later on and returns it to their respected owners.

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