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Moravian the Doombringer, also called The Doombringer was a powerful Shade from the Shadow-verse, and leader of the Shade Military.

Moravian in his Armor
Moravian the Doombringer
Personal Data
Age: 18,500 Earth Years
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 189 lbs
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Grey (From a Genetic Mutation not from age)
Biographical Data
Place of Birth: Outskirts of Shuto Kage
Known Relatives: Kan the Just (Father), Kyoushi the Lovely (Mother)
Known Abilities
  • Shape-Shifting
  • Possession
    • Power Mimic
  • Shadow-Movement
  • Self-Duplication
  • Darkness Manipulation
  • Intangibility
  • Regeneration
  • Immortality
  • Superior Strength
  • Full Power
  • True Form
360px-Golden demon-dragon


Moravian was born into a Class 4 Family, on the outskirts of Shuto Kage, the Capital City of Makkura Honba. His Mother, Kyoushi the Lovely, was a well-known Seamstress, and his Father, Touken the Impervious, was one of many Blacksmiths supplying the Shade Military with Armor and Weapons. Moravian was rather unrefined during his youth, beating up on other children just because they looked at him wrong.

It was only after he met Baracuss the Dark that his attitude began to change, much to his family's liking. He stood up for Baracuss on more then one occasion, using his greater combat skills to his advantage, and in return Baracuss used his more adept Shadow-Skills to aid Moravian when the odds were too much for him. When Baracuss' family was executed for expected treason, Moravian's family took him in as there own without a second thought.

When Artorius the Noble declared that he was planning to overthrow the current, cruel, King, Moravian and Baracuss both joined the Cause. Before the final attack against the King was put into effect, however, Artorius was assassinated by Fabius the Loyal. Moravian killed him soon after, and convinced the other Rebels to allow Baracuss to take Artorius' place as their leader. Soon after, Baracuss became King of the Shades and appointed Moravian as the leader of the Shade Military.

After the Verse Grinder pulled Baracuss into the Universe of the Supers, Moravian allowed himself to be pulled through as well in order to help Baracuss return to power.


Due to his Skill in Shadow-Manipulation lacking the same power as Baracuss, Moravian relies heavily on his Physical combat skills.

  • Levitation: Moravian has the ability to "fly"
  • Shape-Shifting: Ability to change his appearance.
  • Possession: Moravian can take control of a living being for a limited time.
    • Power Mimic: Using his possession skills, Moravian can wield another Super's powers.
  • Shadow-Movement: Ability to move instantly to new locations via the Shadows.
  • Self-Duplication: Moravian can create copies of himself using shadows.
  • Darkness Manipulation: Ability to bend darkness to his will.
  • intangibility': Ability to move through solid objects.
  • Regeneration: Moravian can heal using the darkness around him.
  • Immortality: As long as there is darkness, Moravian could theoretically live forever.
  • Superior Strength: Moravian is three times as strong as a normal human.
  • Full Power: During a period of extreme Darkness, such as a lunar eclipse, Moravian's powers multiply !
  • True Form: Moravain's true form looks like a Gargoyle, as is the true form of all Shades.


Moravian has the same weaknesses as Baracuss, although he is more perceptible to them.

  • Light: Moravian is powerless in the light of Day.
  • Shade: Moravian can be killed/destroyed by another Shade.

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