Hero of the Legion of Vigilance
Created-by: SheWhoKnows
Division: Mutant Alliance
Date Joined: Joined MA in 2003
Origin: Minnesotatown, Minnesota
Medical Conditions: Depression (yeah, I said it people)
Personal Data
Real Name: Jesse White
Known Aliases: Minnesota Man !
Species: 'Homo superior (mutant)
Age: 26
Height/Weight: 126 lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Brown hair, brown eyes
Citizenship: All Mutant Alliance nations.
Current Residence: A small house in Oklahoma
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Minnesota Mom ! and Minnesota Dad !
Known Powers
Can turn into any living creature regardless of size or species, as long as he's seen it before
Training / Abilities
Below section
M16 Assault Rifle, Beretta 9mm Handgun
Is a crackshoot sniper and valiant and heroic soldier.

Life and Makata InvasionEdit

Most of Morph's early life is insignifican to his glorious achievements. At the age of 18 he joined with the Mutant Alliance, as a military soldier (he had not discovered his powers yet.) After several years of ranking up he became a commander and was slowly taking control of Texas and Oklahoma. Then the Makata invaded.

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