Musk Ox

Musk Ox

Name: Musk Ox

Actual Name: Khyz

Origin of Powers: Obtained at birth

Powers: Super strength, weather manipulation, fire manipulation

Equipment: Sword of Perseus

Weaknesses: Water, ice, nuclear radiation

Affiliation: The Guerrieri Di Crepuscolo

Allignment: Good


Khyz was a Minotaur of Greek Legend who was banished from Mount Olympus for crimes he did not commit. He joined the Guerrieri to adapt to human life, and became instant friends with the leader of the group, Bone Seven. He originally operated under the name "Minotaur", but later changed his code name to "Musk Ox." He has been with the group ever since he joined, never once leaving. He is considered the group's "supernatural factor", since he hails from Mount Olympus. He gained the Sword of Perseus before he was banished from Olympus, due to winning it by outsmarting Perseus in a battle of mental prowess.

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