A Mutant in the Superhero Fanon is a human who's genes have been changed, often resulting in them getting superpowers. Mutants can be heroes, villains, anti-heroes, or may live life as a normal human being. These mutants are similar or identical to the mutants of Marvel Comics or the metahumans of DC comics.

Origins of Mutants Edit

They are born that way.

Some people are just born with special genes that gives them superpowers.

They have been experimented on.

Sometimes aliens or secret divisions of the government may preform experiments on humans, giving them super powers, usually combining them with the genes of other mutants or animals.

They have been exposed to radiation/other forms of energy.

If people have been exposed to certain types of radiation, their DNA may change causing them to become mutants.

Similarities Edit

Many mutants have body deformities that allow them to be detected. Other ways mutant's can be detected is through a karyotype chart, or that their organs function differently.

Generally, mutants are usually discriminated by humans because they're "different". Many mutants also see the humans as inferior.

Many powers shared by mutants include telekinesis, rapid healing, and super-speed.

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