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Mutant Alliance Seal

The Mutant Alliance was founded on the principle of power. Most mutants in the different areas of the world believed they were superior to humans, prompting unorganized violence as persecution reigned supreme and the United Nations was called in to help restore order in this massive civil war. The Mutant Alliance was a union of these rebel groups, and was headed by Amalgam (Whitewash was in charge for a short period, before she was killed). It's original goal was the ascension of the Mutant species and the complete overthrow of the human race; Thus far, this has been partially successful. The Mutant Alliance controls vast territories across the planet, keeping the human resistance at bay whilst operating under a strict policy of consolidation within its existing territory; Rebuild the infrastructure, control strategic resources, and eventually smash any resistance and control the entire planet.

The true goal (Amalgam's personal goal) is to aid in exterminating the human species and helping her find the Verse Grinder, so her race may inhabit Earth in place of humanity. Then, the mutants would simply become slaves for the Imperialisi, and any that resisted would be sent to Luna.

Later on, in the era of Apocalyptia, most of the human supporters fled from the tyrannical regime and supported the Confederation of Humanity in its quest to save humanity from extinction.

History Edit

The Alliance existed entirely in the mind of Amalgam since the first time she observed mutants in combat. She planned to seduce them into her clutches with smooth talking and a calm hand of friendship, all a simple ruse to get them to build up a sizable military force capable of toppling the human regime and making the conquering of Earth a much easier feat.

The mutant groups already actively engaging the human race were under supplied, few in number, and scattered across the globe.

Amalgam lured them into the newly founded Alliance (based originally in the Sierra Nevada mountains, under intense secrecy) with loyal human followers filling their ranks, and the supplies they needed. As the Alliance grew global, the wars intensified into a single world war, dubbed, of course, World War 3, or the Mutant-Human War for idiots.

For 4 years the war raged with the mutants gaining copious amounts of land and winning hundreds of battles, the human race couldn't withstand the combined attack by superior beings, beings that were lead by a tactical genius and supported by some within their own hierarchy ! The decisive attack was a dual land, sea, and air invasion of New York City and Washington, DC.

They were the 2 most important cities in the United States, and at this point, the world. DC was heavily defended, yet crumbled with a direct nuclear strike to the Washington monument, followed by direct ground occupation (mutants are unaffected by radiation, which is why most can't tan).

New York City was a sprawling metropolis, and it had to be taken, as the stronghold in the West had been breached by chemical and nuclear engagements. Humanity was getting desperate, and literally, for the first time in history, engaged in a total war, one where everyone everywhere was fighting for the same purpose, regardless of nationality, political footing, or language barriers.

The Upturnment Edit

Humanity was united as one, and this strength kept the Alliance from smashing the United Nations capitol building (AKA the U.N. building).

The war turned against the Alliance when the Legion of Vigilance began to systematically hunt down its ranking members and assassinate, or if possible, capture and interrogate them. Most of these had to be assassinations, and with the threat of a quite strong group of superheroes that were also able to strike anywhere on the planet in a matter of hours, Amalgam had to be on the move constantly.

"We had F-22 sorties following her energy signature, it was detected in Yorkshire, Beijing, Iqualit, Paris, and even in Ross Station, yes Antarctica ! How could we keep up with her ? This was happening by the hour !"
—Her location was described in one list by a Legion underling as the former...

It was at stalemate, the war was bogged down, but neither side could possibly give in, as either side would be doomed to exist an endangered species.

And then, the Makata invaded.

Masterminds, Intelligent By Design Edit

The alien fleet annihilated every large city on the planet, somehow activated all nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons in either sides arsenal, and created an apocalypse that would take scores, if not centuries to recover from.

The Alliance, the Legion, and the United Nations had to come together as one and defeat the Makata, and they more or less did, with the help of a certain godly being and of the heroes and "heroes" within the mutant population.

With the bulk of the threat gone, they went straight back to hating each other, but the only problem was, this left the Alliance with a rather large area of control over the world.

The Rise of Many Edit

The United Nations reformed into the Confederation of Humanity and quickly went underground, supporting, supplying, and fighting alongside any group that actively engaged the Alliance and the remnant Makata armies, even traitorous Alliance members and, if need, be, the much feared Children of Darkness, a group of powerful Umbrals.

Meanwhile, the Alliance consolidated its control of the world starting with its largest territories, the America's and Asia. Its military war machine was larger than the Soviet Union and the United States armed forces, combined, at zenith.

This force rapidly swept over Northern Africa and the important area's that had more or less went undamaged by the invasion, although most were rubble. Europe was a shadow of its former self, its populated area's in Switzerland and the European micro-states, those small enough to avoid both wars yet having enough land to sustain life.

For 2 years the consolidation procedures went on, until Umbria was complete and the Alliance itself was renamed the Imperium of the Uprisen.

However, it continues to be recognized as the Mutant Alliance because of the long-standing impact its creation has left on the world, and the fact that the misanthropic super-state has only changed it's name...

Military Edit

The Alliance military force is based upon the principle of control, a defining factor in the development of world power, as the Alliance was established as a base for that power to grow and consume.

There must always be a second in command (Sergeant Rogue is currently), as this individual helps to keep order of the many international groups by being a sort of ambassador between them.

This allows supplies and any other aid to get to where they are most needed, with out over-helping a particular combat group and threatening the pseudo-equality of any of the different Alliance armies.

The Alliance Combat Force was formed from each of the former rebel groups most loyal to Amalgam, as well as defecting soldiers and the Alliance best mutant soldiers. Since they are led by Amalgam herself, they are excellent drill instructors and generals for basic infantry and are equivalent to walking tanks, with superpowers.

Not long after the Mutant Alliance military forces were formed, the Forced Experimental Mutation Program was undertaken, further increasing the Alliance's numbers and power with domesticated "Abominations" and the famous and valiant Skymounts.

Post Apocalyptia...

Demographics Edit

In its entirety, the Mutant Alliance covers almost 65% of the Earth's surface, despite the vast stretches of uninhabitable land and pock marked cities reminding the world inhabitants of the nuclear strikes, and the Makata invasion.

The America's: This section of the Alliance stretches from the Arctic Ocean down south to the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. The true Alliance territory ends right above Brazil, but a quick ocean journey and the land stretches as far south as Buenos Aires, and then the Falklands.

Asia: Alliance territories here reach from Western Mongolia and Northern Siberia down to Hong Kong, along with the Andaman Islands and several other islands in Southeast Asia. Sections of Anatolia in Turkey are under Alliance domination as well.

The sections of Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan controlled by the Alliance were stolen from direct American control early in the war, to separate Central Asia from American influence for later invasion. The Taliban and Al-Qaeda soldiers within kept the later invasion from happening, and control of Central Asia's nuclear arsenal's continues to elude Amalgam till this day.

Africa: Almost the entirety of Saharan and Sub-Saharan Africa lie under the control of the Alliance, from the Atlantic coast deep into Southwestern Egypt and south into the Congo jungles. Sections of Somalia and the island of Madagascar were invaded via Asian lands.

Europe: The southern area's of Spain (Gibraltar and such) were seized rapidly by Blade Battalion early in the war, and are more or less the first conquests apart from those in America. The Alliance forces sent to back up the invaders rapidly swept through the Mediterranean, unable to gain effective inland footholds, thus conquering the islands instead. The only true land on the European mainland is held in southern Europe, in Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Greece. Sections of Italy are included, but these are relatively minute in land.

Map of Post Apocalyptia

^ Key:

Blood Red - Directly held Alliance territories.

White - Anarchy/rebel controlled/Umbrals land/Uninhabited lands.

Green - Zones of direct nuclear annihilation.

Dark Grey - Makata-remnant controlled areas.

Blue - Confederation of Humanity controlled areas.

Known and Former Members Edit

  • Amalgam- Founder, commander-in-chief.
  • Baracuss the Dark- Although he is not truly a part of the Alliance and is mistakenly called the "2nd in command" by humanity, Baracuss is more of an honored guest than a leader and more or less does what he feels like, which can be a nuisance to those in charge of military units.
  • Whitewash- Formerly 2nd in command of military and diplomatic forces. (Deceased)
  • Bloodstorm- The personal bodyguard of Amalgam. (Where abouts unknown)
  • Monstrosity- Powerful new enforcer, acts as Whitewash did before her death.
  • Darkblade- Leader of Blade Battalion, the most powerful battalion in the Alliance military. (Continuing the fight in Makata controlled Europe)
  • Geist- Top spy and assassin, always on missions, rarely in Umbria.
  • Desolation- Assault leader and head trainer for new members.
  • Sergeant Rogue- Professional soldier and trainer in all forms of combat.
  • Ex-Patriot- Sergeant Rogue's brother, and an avid technologist and powerful villain.
  • Indulence- Steals things for the Alliance so they have more to spend on weapons, vehicles, and materials.
  • Lady Swarm- Special operator, answers only to Amalgam. Currently abroad in North America.

Outside Opinions Edit

"I wasn't all that surprised at the mutants' initial ability to band together, as I had seen many conflicts between them involving massive death and destruction. But now I realize that I may have misjudged them, and they can be extremely useful in achieving my goal."
Baracuss the Dark
"Well this wasn't fair at all. They come out of nowhere, organized better than us, and almost make us extinct ? REALLY ?! Some people were bad to them, but not all of us. And that girl, the one in charge, not bad to look at but she gives me the creeps."
—Random civilian on the 5 o'clock news.
"All the work that we Heroes put into saving innocent lives, all the Human beings we attempted to befriend... was it all for nothing?"
—An Ex-Super Hero, stating his opinion to his fellows.
"The Mutant Alliance...good Samaritans looking to help us in these tough times, or menaces in disguise here to cause more calamity than they do when rescuing our citizens?"
—Channel 5 News Report on the Mutant Alliance.