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Nai is a sadistic, Level 4, Umbral and a member of The Children of Darkness.

Biography Edit

Before becoming an Umbral, Nai was known as Alicia Carter. She was a scientist at Xen-Tech working under Kagai, who also became an Umbral. Nai was obsessed with achieving mutant abilities, attempting to augment herself with the FEM Genetic Material on many occasions. After she found a bit of ancient, Shade Literature, she attempted to control the power of Darkness. But like all Umbrals, she was consumed by the shadows.

Nai, however, was joyous about her transformation. It had given her the power she wanted, and that was all that mattered to her. She joined The Children of Darkness along with her former boss, Kagai at around the same time.

Attitude Edit

When fighting, Nai is like a cat tormenting a mouse just before it makes the final blow. She is very sadistic, and loves to see other get hurt or killed. She is also cannibalistic, feeding off the bodies of the Humans or Mutants she's killed.

Powers Edit

  • Pyro-Kinesis: Nai can control the forces of fire.
  • Solar Form: Nai is immune to her own flames, so she can surround herself with them, creating white hot body armor.
    • Lazer Beams: Using her Solar Form's armor as a kind of magnifying glass, she can focus the light her body gives off into deadly lazer beams.
  • Flight: Using her flames as a propulsion system, Nai can fly at nearly Mach 5 velocity.
  • Near Instantaneous Regeneration: When injured, Nai can regenerate her body almost instantly.

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