Assassin from the break of dawn (Literally)Edit

He was originally born in 5000 BC, to a Neanderthal family in Ancient Europe. From the very beginning he was a warrior. His nomadic family, constantly fought other clans, in which he came up with some creative strategies to defeat his opponents, basically the first strategist EVER. When he was an old man (the old age back then was 25), he stumbled and fell into a little pond which when he got out, he was youthful again. He was shocked, and his primitive instinct was to stay. 

The Greek/Macedonian/Roman Empire EraEdit

In the Greecian Empire, he learned to speak Greek at the very dawn of the Greecian Empire. Where ever he was to live, he brought the Lazarus Pit with him to his new destination, due to him having bathed in the waters for thousands of year, for a short period of time (1 year), the entire pit can live within him. He took part in the battle of Thermopylae, but abandoned the Spartans, due to his superior knowledge and very worldly opinion. One day, he made a mistake with the Lazarus pit, and it reveresed him into a being just floating around, who landed in the Stomach of the wife of Phillip II of Macedons Stomach. He was born and named "Alexander". He retained all the knowledge of his past life, so he was fully aware the Lazarus Pit lied within him. He was able to speak every language up to that point. He became an amazing war General hense him being called "Alexander The Great". When Alexander died (supposed FAKED HIS OWN DEATH), he lay in the coffin every day, and when everyone left at night he learned all the knowledge of the Library of Alexandria. During the Roman Empire, he changed his look to that of "Julius Cesar", he killed the real Julius Cesar at age 19. He took over, and had the senators help him fake his death many years later.

The Rennisance/Dark AgesEdit

During the Dark Ages, he remained as a Knight to the Kings and Queens serving for centuries under the crowns of the Franks and Angles. He served the Kings and Queens nobally full heartedly. During the rennisance, he remained a warrior, and a scholar. He learned all the knowledge of that era, and moved on.

The Age of the ConquistadorsEdit

He was present under Hernan Cortez when he conquered the people of Central America.

The Age of the British EmpireEdit

During this age, he mainly served as a scholar, and he studied the arts of Chinese, and Japanese combat that was popping up in Asia. He traveled to Asia every couple half centuries and visited China and Japan, and became masters of their martial arts. He was extremly well prowessed in that. He was an acrobat in his spare time.

Feud with BatmanEdit

He met Batman one day, when he was under the name he took then "Thomas Estrango". He was taken hostage by Batman, and forced to answer the questions that he had. He answered all of them cunningly. Batman realized something was not right about him, so he followed him around and one night found out he was an assassin! He was an EXTREMLY dangerous. Infact he was so dangerous, Batman had to attempt to murder Rogue to attempt to gain the upper hand but was still defeated. Batman was even being toyed with by Neban, destroying Bruce in combat. But later, Robin and Batman were trapped by the Joker who had them at an instant death point, until the glass shattered. He broke the jokers neck like a twig. He is both a hero and a villian he has no side. Batman just refers to him as a rogue, who rarely kills, but only when absolutley nessecary. Batman and him have almost a neutral relationship, not liking but not hating eachother.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 7.47.29 PM

As Neban (white streak in hair due to "Pit of Lazarus"

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