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Necros is a powerful Henkan warrior who took part in the rescue mission that was led by Domitor the Brute.


Necros was born in Shuto Kage, the Shade Capital City on Makkura Honba. His Parents had come to the Shade World to request aid in exterminating the Darkling Infestation on their homeworld of Mittsu Yochi. Necros' mother went into labour right there in the Tou Ousamas Thrown Room. Baracuss the Dark, who was highly intrigued by the Henkan Race and cared for them just as he cared for his own people, ordered the Servants in the Room to fetch the finest Doctor in the castle to aid in Necros' birth, and a Henkan Mage to create the Tri-Seal.

Necros' birth did not go unmentioned throughout the Shade Empire, as he was born in a place of great power and was given a blessing by the King of Shades himself. Because of this blessing, Necros was allowed to travel anywhere in the Empire, including Shuto Kage to visit Baracuss and his would-be Queen, Nocturna the Voluptuous, the Latter usually giving him tours of the Castle, and playing hide and seek with him.

He began training to use his Spirit Energy soon after he reached the age of eight Earth Years, and immediately showed promise of becoming a great warrior, or even a Mage when he reached adulthood. It seemed that Baracuss' blessing had truly made his life that of greatness, but one night his father's Tri-Seal seemed to break. His spirit flowed freely away from his body, which became a lifeless husk. The Mages arrived to late, and there was nothing to be done to save Necros' father.

Necros joined the Military soon after he could unlock the first stage of his Tri-Seal at will, and was able to unlock the second after only a few battles with other races of the Shadow-verse. When his "Second Father", Baracuss the Dark, was captured by the forces of the Verse Grinder and Nocturna took the thrown in his absence, Necros demanded to be a part of the Furakushon that was prepared to rescue him. After much argument, Nocturna finally agreed, and Necros found himself in the Universe of the Supers, on the Human homeworld Earth.

The Interdimesional rift that they entered through however, was at the epicenter of a massive explosion (Possibly a test of a new Mutant Alliance weapon) and Necros was separated from the group. After about a day of exploration, the young Henkan found a small Scout Party of Mutant Alliance Soldiers. At first Necros was only going to demand where Baracuss the Dark could be found, but once the Party open fired on him Necros decided to have a little fun by killing each one of the beings. He stayed in the location however, knowing that the Muntants may have allies near by and that he might get another chance at obtaining the information he desired.

He was right to do so as only a few hours later another group of mutants arrived, this one being led by a High-Powered Force Commander called Repulse. Once again, Necros asked where Baracuss was and was glad to see that the beings have heard of the Shade King, but the Commander ordered the squad to kill him anyway. Repulse allowed the Henkan to kill off most of his squad, as to read Necros' movements and develop a theory about how to defeat him. Just before Necros could decapitate his second in Command, Repulse stepped in to take over the fight. The Force Commander seemed to be leading the Henkan throughout the entire fight, being able to deflect and retaliate against each of Necros' attacks. As Repulse was about to make the final blow however, Necros unlocked the final stage of his Tri-Seal and quickly defeated the Commander.

Working on it...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immense Strength: Necros has the physical strength to rival that of the Incredible Hulk, and this strength increases ten-fold with each release of his true power.
  • Incredible Speed: Necros' speed is fast enough to match that of a Level 3 Speed Mutant, and grows faster with each release
  • Outstanding Durability: Necros' skin is strong enough to withstand an explosion from a 20 Megaton Nuclear bomb, however it seems weak against Spiritual attacks.
  • High-Speed Regeneration: If wounded, Necros can regenerate extremely quickly. This ability even works on his clothing, which is odd as these are not a part of his physical being.
  • Spiritual Attacks: Although being a member of a race that has mastered control over their own Spiritual Power, Necros doesn't normally use that many Spirit attacks unless its absolutely necessary.
  • Tri-Seal Releases
    • Shakuhou Kan (First Release): When unleashing a third of his true power via his Tri-Seal (Located on his chest, where is heart is), Necros' strength increases drastically. His appearance changes as well, as his messy black hair spikes up and a single strand hangs down over his eye, which turn from emerald green to ruby red. His clothing also change a bit, but this has no effect on his combat styles.
    • Shakuhou Daini (Second Release): When unleashing his second release, the effects are instantly recognizable. His already spiked hair becomes even more jagged looking, grows to shoulder length, and there are now two strands of hair hanging down in his face, which are long enough to reach the bridge of his nose. His red eyes gain a silted Pupil, similar to a Snake's, and his canine teeth grow longer and sharper. His outfit also changes, but as stated before this has no effect on his combat.
    • Kouki Shakuhou (Final Release): Necros' final form was achieved after arriving on Earth and battling an extremely powerful Mutant Alliance Force Commander, who pushed him hard enough to break the final lock in his Tri-Seal. In this form, Necros' seal turns into tattoo-like markings that spread over his entire body, outlining the major veins in his Circulatory system, and his eyes' Sclera turn black. His Hair now looks like porcupine quills (although lacking their piercing power) and is at waist length, and now has three strands of hair that hang down to his chin. He cannot hold this form for very long, as it wastes up his spirit energy extremely quickly, but the fight he uses it in usually end soon after as his power now resembles that of a Level 6 being.
    • Weapon Transformation: If wielding a weapon while releasing his true power the weapon also changes, in both appearance and power. For example: If holding a pistol of a minor caliber during his First Release, the firearm transforms into something resembling a .44 Magnum (Only looking like something that was created in the Shadow-verse). While in his Final Release Form, the weapon could transform into something resembling an Arm-Mounted Cannon.

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