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Nekros is a super-powered human with the ability to control the genetic material of any creature upon contact with them.

Created-by: SheWhoKnows
Origin: Earth
Threat Level: Class-VI
Personal Data
Real Name: Damien Guiness (False-name; Gerard Maltront)
Known Aliases: The Healer, The Plague-Giver, Incarna, Nekros.
Species: Human (homo superior)
Age: 33 (Eventually stopped letting himself age)
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches.
Weight: 137 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Light brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: British-American.
Occupation: Painter.
Place of Birth: London, England.
Base of Operations: Bern, Switzerland.
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: None.
Known Powers
Control over any races genetic material upon contact.
Known Abilities
Physically toned, but isn't avid on working out and is rather frail at first look; Control over his own body allows him to modify it with any possible addition, no harm done.
His hands.
Neither good or evil, Damien is prone to bi-polar episodes, in which case his powers have been used for malicious and angelic purposes, hence the moniker of death he holds, his angst far exceeding his well intentions.

Life Edit

Childhood Edit

Damien Guiness was born to an American soldier and British nurse following the end of the Great War. His life at this time wasn't particularly troubled, attending school and working with his family. It was around this time the first glimpses of his bi-polar disorder began to form, and two distinct personalities emerged, later to be personified. Somewhere in this period he learned of his powers, but he would not put them to greater use for fear of being discovered and killed for being different.


In 1939 the British Empire began recruiting for soldiers in the fight against Nazi Germany and the Axis Powers. Damien signed up for time as a soldier, and was sent off into training. He was stationed in France during the siege of Dunkirk. During the hasty and blood-soaked withdrawal operation, Damien was nearly abandoned as he brought soldiers back from the dead. His unit discovered his powers, but, believing he was a guardian angel, swore to keep his secret, and over the years proclaimed him as "Incarna" or "Nekros", an angel of life or a bringer of death.

They went on to fight in Libya, Tunisia, and eventually in Sicily. During the war Damien was rather vicious with his treatment of the German enemy, spreading the plague into their battalion's and such. His use with a bayonet became legendary, and it was feared just as much as his powers by his comrades. During the invasion of northern Italy, a British spy operating with his unit discovered his powers, and he was forcefully removed from the warfare and sent to a military installation in Scotland. At this government base, he was interrogated and tortured continuously until he revealed how he gained his powers, but would not budge, as he himself had no way to answer. During a particularly brutal lashing from an SAS agent, Damien broke free from his straps and touched the man, his body mutating and twisting around unnaturally, his body forming into a creature never before seen. Damien willed the new beast to break down the door, and it went on a rampage, causing a huge distraction which allowed the weakened Damien to escape. Being chased by the government, he went into hiding, making his way across the British nation as methodically and carefully as possible. He used the engineering back-rooms of the Channel Tunnel to cross illegally into France, where he made his way hastily to Switzerland, where his mother' family had an estate near Bern.

Here, Damien refreshed himself, discovering the year was 1959; He had been trapped in Britain since 1944. In his solitude Damien began to explore the full extent of his power, learning how he could control his own genetic material and any other species with a simple touch.

Under a false name, Damien finally pursued a life of peace, and with his old talents in painting still around he decided to open an art gallery in Bern, making his income on sold paintings. During this peaceful period, he did all he could to discover other people like him and explore the full underworld of the mutant race.

Powers Edit

Overall, Damien has the ability to manipulate any organic material by controlling it's genetics, allowing him to do amazing things. He can shift his own body mass to create spikes, claws, tails, wings, anything he could possibly want, and then turn himself back to normal with only a thought. To manipulate others, he must be able to touch them, the more contact he has the better; He can also manipulate other species, such as dogs and cats, but he must come into direct contact with their DNA first. Thus far, Damien has collected the stored DNA of several canine and feline species, as well as dozens of insects and birds. Thus, he can alter his own body with their DNA as well. He could have the skin of a chameleon, the wings of an eagle, the claws of a bear, and the tail of a tiger, all at his own whim.

Incarna Edit

Damien was blessed by a chaplain as Saint Incarna, an impromptu name given to him for his angelic grace with his powers. Damien had saved countless lives with a simple touch, healing bullet wounds and diseases alike.

Nekros Edit

The first time he was called Nekros was during a Marine operation in Crete, to oust German and Italian soldiers from the island. Damien's immediate companions had been shot down during the seizure of a an Italian estate on the island, and he was pinned between a wall and 12 German soldiers. They summarily ordered him executed, and unleashed an onslaught of lead upon him. His clothing was torn apart as bullets blasted through his flesh, and he collapsed to the floor, a bullet having gone through his brain. When the soldiers came to check if he was dead (for sure), Damien arose with his arms turned into spike covered clubs, and he bashed his way through the soldiers, covering the scene with a torrent of blood. The last soldier, a collaborative Greek draftee, fell to the floor from an accidental bullet wound and held his fingers in a cross, aiming at Damien and shouting "Nekros ! Nekros ! Nekros !", and the word became ingrained in his mind even after the Greek draftee was taken to an infirmary. Damien understood exactly how much damage he is capable of doing, and maintained the name Nekros as a warning to himself and others of the death he could bring.

Personality Edit

During his childhood Damien began to show signs of mental disorders, but the only that could be accurately diagnosed was bi-polar disorder and a mild case of schizophrenia. During the war, his paranoia grew worse during the unending violence and death he'd seen (and caused), and it left his mind in a rather catatonic state until this very day. Despite conducting himself as a gentleman, underneath Damien despises common courtesy, dislikes others, and would much rather be far from society.

He does not believe himself to be better than anyone, but he doesn't believe in inferiority either, and his political thinking is somewhere between anarchist-capitalism and individualist anarchism.

To sum it up, Damien does not like society, and his own paranoia during and after the war have turned him into a rather reclusive and dangerous fellow, living in his studio. He chose the life of a painter, not because he enjoys painting (he is rather good), simply because it excused him from regular activities with other humans which he would watch grow and die.

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