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The three eyed witch by DracMakens
"Though my original eyes have been stricken of their senses, I can see more than any man or beast in this forsaken world…"

Nera is a Level 5 Mind Type Umbral whose telepathic abilities are second only to Amalgam herself.

Biography Edit

Nera is known to have been born in the century following the birth of Duister, making her the second-oldest Umbral belonging to The Children of Darkness. She had been of noble blood, but had tried to drown herself in the local river after seeing her entire family slaughtered, save her only daughter who was taken by the aggressors. After failing in taking her life, she tried everything she could to find her daughter, delving into witchcraft and other mystic arts after normal attempts proved futile. This lead to her attempt to use an ancient Shade technique she uncovered, known as Shadow Gaze, to enable her to locate the essence of any being she wanted. This inevitably caused her transformation into an Umbral.

After being reformed during the shadows merging with her soul, she went into a comatose state for almost five hundred years, during which she had been buried alive in her town’s local cemetery. She dug her way to the surface to find that the transformation had stricken her of all normal vision, and instead granted her with a third eye, with which she could behold the spiritual auras of the objects around her, and menagerie of telepathic abilities. She spent the next fifteen-thousand years in isolation, occasionally posing as a fortune teller for the towns she journeyed to, before eventually traveling to the Americas to try and make a new living. It was there that she was confronted by the Umbral Hitam and accepted his offer to join into the folds of the brotherhood. She now serves as Kagai’s spy, and has developed a slightly romantic relationship with the Umbral Leader.

Attitude Edit

Nera’s personality is actually rather kind and sympathetic despite being an Umbral, and she often tries to treat the young Oscurita as if she where her long lost daughter. While Oscurita appreciates the telepathic Umbral’s kindness, she still sticks closer to Kagai and Kuro more than any other brotherhood member. When in combat, she always attempts to stop the fight by offering different methods to settle the dispute, and when her opponent ignores these she either quickly destroys them using her powerful psychic abilities, or even flees the battle to prevent any harm. Many of the other Umbrals of the Children of Darkness have questioned her allegiance due to her view on things, but Kagai continuously says that she is the heart of the brotherhood and is irreplaceable.

Powers Edit

As stated before, Nera is an extremely powerful telepath whose mental prowess almost rivals that of the Mutant Alliance Leader, Amalgam.

  • Pyrokinesis: Although not as powerful as her fellow Umbral, Nai, in the ways of controlling Fire and Heat energy, Nera does have the ability to manipulate molten rock (Magma and Lava) as well.
  • Electrokinesis: Nera is rather proficient at controlling the forces of electricity, her skills being equal those of the late Vanessa Lasaryth.
  • Telekinesis: Nera can easily tear apart an entire city with lifting a finger, her mental energies growing stronger whenever she succumbs to her emotions.
  • Telepathy: Not only is she capable of reading the thoughts of others, but Nera is also able to bend many lower-level beings to her will, and place different thoughts within their heads.
  • Third Eye: Though her original eyes were blinded by her Umbral transformation, Nera can still “see” using her third eye in the center of her forehead. She doesn’t see textures or dimensions like normal humans do, instead she is able to discern certain items by the shape, color, and fluctuations of its spiritual aura. She is also able to locate spirit energy she has encountered previously, being able to track traces of this energy from half-way around the world, and detect any other essences that surround said energy.

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