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Created by:
Origin: Exposure to Radioactive Materials
Category: Superhero
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Emmett "Emil" Weber
Known Aliases: "Snowcone", "Celsius", "Big Freeze"
Species: Human
Age: 34
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 287 Lbs.
Eye Colour: Blue (Normal), White (Ice Form)
Hair Colour: Jet Black (Normal), White (Ice Form)
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Manhattan, New York
Affiliation: Galactic Enforcers
Marital Status: Romantically Involved with Amethyst
Known Relatives: Colin Weber (Brother), Angela Weber (Sister)
Known Powers
Can create and manipulate ice and use it to form weapons such as knifes and other blunt objects, can use his ice-forming abilities to glide above ground, Superhuman Strength, Endurance and Durability.
Training / Abilities
Genius-Level intellect, quick reflexes, accelerated in chemical compounds and other elements.
Hands-Free Communicator
Is the most recent member to join the Galactic Enforcers, in 2028.

Nesh is a fictional character created by Bobby Bussing-Jones.


Emmett Weber was born into an adventurous family who liked to journey to famous locations in the world in search for treasures or precious artifacts. As he grew up, he was trained by his father to be adapted in rough enviroments and free-running. As the years passed, Emmett travelled with his family and found several treasures by himself at times, but one day, his happiness turned to terror when he and his family are found by the terrorist organization VIPER while in Canada. Emmett was given a sedative and watched as his parents were taken away as he was blacking out. Several hours later, Emmett woke up in an interrogation room, where he was questioned about radioactive materials that were reported being carried into Canada. Emmett knew nothing of it, but recognized the names of the chemical compounds that were reportedly inside Canada due to his aspiration of becoming a scientist. As Emmett continued to be questioned, he noticed that one of the straps keeping him contained was loose, and Emmett made a daring move by breaking out of the restraint and using a gun that he grabbed out of a nearby guard's holster to kill everyone in the room. Emmett broke out and headed for the nearest exit. As he ran across the shipping yard of a now-revealed-to-be warehouse, Emmett was blown back by an explosion of a few toxic canisters that contained some of the radioactive materials. Emmett once again blacked out, and woke up again in a large room with medical equipment tending to his injuries. Emmett saw the bloody bandages on his arms and chest and immediately knew that someone had found him before VIPER could get to him again. All of a sudden, Emmett saw a door open, and in came a man with what appeared to be an eyepatch wearing some sort of military grade suit. The man greeted Emmett, who asked who the mysterious man was, and the latter leaned forward and said, "The name's Drake Slayte."


  • Emmett's parents were revealed to be SCORPIO Agents secretly working with Drake Slayte in order to transport toxic materials into Canada to keep VIPER from finding the radioactive compounds.
  • Emmett also learned of his parent's survival.
  • Nesh suffered the same fate as Magman, they both were caught in the explosion of radioactive materials that mixed with another element (ex. Magman = Fire, Nesh = Snow/Ice).
  • The nickname "Nesh" was given to Emmett in homage to his powers.

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