Nightkillers is a criminal gang made up of various gangsters and mobsters. They are lead by Fort Breaker and Quizzer, though

Nightkillers in action!

Fort Breaker has more dominance over the group.

Reason  Edit

Fort Breaker was thirsty for leadership, he wanted to rule over as much as he could and he knew one of the best ways to do that was to be the leader of a gang of criminals.

Quizzer on the other hand wanted to achieve his goal on taking on the CIA and killing other muggers and mobsters. He wanted to cleanse cities of there classic criminals and drug dealers and he knew to do that he would need the help of alot of other men.

Quizzer Problems Edit

 Because Quizzer didn't really want to have run-ins with Superheroes he was often close to leaving the gang though he has always stayed.

Current Members Edit


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