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Nightstalker, also known as Craig Satou, is a superhero created by JerryWiffleWaffle. He appears in the series, Into the Night.

Basic InformationEdit

  • Name: Craig Satou
  • DOB: 4/20/1988
  • Age: 24
  • Nationalities: Japanese
  • Favored Weapons: Golden Katana, Bo Staff, Shurikens
  • Favored Style of Martial Arts: Jeet Kune Do
  • Traits: Dead Silent, Obedient, Trustworthy


Craig's sensei is just referred to as "Sensei," and is not referred to as anything else.

Early LifeEdit

Adopted by his sensei, Satou has no memory of his actual parents, and thinks of his sensei as his "parent." Ever since the beginning, his sensei taught him in the ways of the ninja, as well as martial arts, weaponry, and different languages. Despite teaching him brutally throughout the early years, his sensei still allowed him to go to school, but to not tell anyone about his home life. He also excelled in school, due to his trait of picking things up faster at a superhuman rate.

Satou had reached the last grade in high school at 17, the average age for 12th grade, and was known as the "emo kid" of school, due to his lack of friends, lack of communication, and his taste for wearing black. Eventually, he had attracted a girl, named Stephanie Bridges, who had been interested in him for a while.

She had found out his true life at home, and accepted this, as most people would be rather scared. The two had formed a relationship, until Satou had other plans...

Military AcademyEdit

After graduating from high school at the top of his class, his sensei had sent him to a temporary military academy, where the young man had learned about weaponry, and another style of fighting, kick-boxing. At age 22, he had left the military academy, with the knowledge of a soldier, determination of an army, and the skills of the world, or so he thought...

The First AssignmentsEdit

Still unaware of his sensei's true motives, he did tasks for him that required assassinating certain targets, whom Satou had no affiliation with. He executed these orders flawlessly, making his unidentified character notorious among the U.S. Most Wanted list, and eventually, one of the most dangerous men in the world.

During a night out with his sensei, just for another lesson having to do with the public, Satou was informed of his sensei's ultimate plans; to dominate the world by eliminating his worst threats and their affiliates by gathering a team or two of highly skilled assasins, such as Satou himself. Satou rejected this idea, as he had grown up thinking the opposite, of helping people. After that night, Satou had not returned to his sensei.

An Old Friend and a New EnemyEdit

A few nights after the revelation, Satou had run in with an old friend: Stephanie Bridges. The two had instantly started dating once more, until a villain had arrived at the scene. This unknown villain, who knew a lot about Satou, had planned to defeat him. First, he struck at Satou's heart, and captured Bridges, holding her hostage at his "lair." Satou had no choice, but to go after his newfound enemy.

The Revelation and AftermathEdit

Fighting his enemy's goons, Satou had learned his enemy went by the alias of Cloak, hence that he was a hooded figure. To Satou's demise, Cloak was also a skilled martial artist, and eventually bested him, and killed Bridges. Shot with anger, Satou had fought Cloak, but was stunned, and Cloak disappeared in the night...

Because Satou had betrayed his sensei and found a new enemy, he was now a proclaimed superhero. Since he knew of his sensei's plans, the sensei had no choice but to kill him, and Cloak is still somewhat mysterious to Satou...



  • Can blend into dark areas.
  • Highly skilled martial artist, having a black belt in most forms of martial arts.
  • Weapons expert.
  • Learns fast, is also intelligent.
  • Can sustain much damage.
  • Highly mobile, dead silent, great acrobat.
  • Skilled linguist, capable of speaking more than 10 languages fluently.


  • Too much light.
  • A well thought counter-attack.
  • Super giant people.


Nightstalker's arsenal is very diverse, ranging in many weapons.

Please note that the number next to the weapon name distinguishes how many of the object can be held and used at once. Nightstalker has a whole stack of each weapon, and can forge the melee weapons along with the bow and arrow.

Firearms/Ranged WeaponsEdit

Weapon Name Weapon Use Other Effects/Attributes
Desert Eagle (2) Medium to long range combat.
  • Gold Finish
  • Extended Mags
Mini-Uzi (2) Medium to long range combat.
  • Extended Mags
  • FMJ
MP5 (1) Medium to long range combat.
  • Extended Mags
Cheytac M200 (1) Long range combat.
  • Thermal (optional)
  • FMJ
  • Saber-rounds (optional)
  • Suppressor (optional)
Crossbow (1) Medium to long range combat.
  • Explosive bolts (optional)
  • Sniper Scope (optional)
  • Tracking bolts (optional)
Bow and Arrow (1) Medium to long range combat.
  • Poison Arrows (optional)
  • Spiked Arrows (optional)
  • Gripped
  • Silent
Throwing Knife (a lot) Medium to long range combat
  • Gripped
  • Easy to throw
  • Moves quickly
  • Silent
Shuriken (Ninja Star) Medium to long range combat
  • Same as Throwing Knife besides Gripped.
  • Can go through multiple targets.

Melee WeaponsEdit

Weapon Name Weapon Use Other Effects/Attributes
Bo Staff (1) Short to medium range combat
  • Pearlescent black finish
  • Can deflect bullets
  • Hard material
  • Lightweight
  • Can shrink into a size similar to that of a small flashlight, meaning many can be held at once and can be used instantly.
Katana Sword (2) Short to medium range combat
  • Can deflect bullets
  • Hard material
  • Lightweight
  • Can be thrown
  • Can deflect bullets
Golden Katana Sword (2) Short to medium range
  • Gold finish
  • Has Japanese word "Honor" on the sword part
  • More stopping power than other Katanas
  • Same attributes as other Katanas
Combat Knife (1) Short to medium range
  • Can be thrown (slower and louder than throwing knives)
  • Gripped
  • Good for stabbing viciously and assassinating
Spear (1) Short to medium range
  • Can deflect bullets
  • Stronger than most other melee weapons
  • Hard material
  • Not as light as Katana, but lighter than usual.

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