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Nightstalkers are assassins with shadow and chi abilities. They mostly consist of skilled combatants who either gained their abilities through genetics or through other methods.

History of the NightstalkersEdit

The Nightstalkers have had a checkered past. Not much is truely known about them, since their first appearance in society was in the early 1300s. The first few Nightstalkers were known as the Chosen Ones, and although some Nightstalkers don't confirm it, it has been proven several times by mythologists that the first Nightstalkers were in fact rogue Shades. Throughout time, the Shades bred and gave birth to a "demi-god" hybrid. Overall, a human with shade abilities. The rest of their history was mysteriouslly never recorded or written about, nor has any evidence been found supporting their existence from the 1600s onward. This odd exodus has been theorized by fellow Nightstalkers as the "Era of Silence".

Code of ArataEdit

"By Arata's spirit, we shall follow our paths of destiny into the uncertain future which is ours."

- The Official Code of Arata.

Since their inception, Nightstalkers have lived by one code, and that code is highly misunderstood now, in Modern Times. Many believe it to be a message that no Nightstalker shall betray their own or abandon their destinies, which, unfortunately, many of the Nightstalkers are doing.

"Arata" is supposedly the creator of the Nightstalkers and the one to form the Ancient Glyphs, which are basically time portals that were built to travel between the Shadow-verse and the Universe of the Supers. Only two have been found, but both of them seemed to have malfunctioned over time. It is believed there are more than 500 of these "Glyphs" hidden around Earth, whether they be in the ocean or buried 6000 feet deep in the ground are acclaimed possibilities.


In the 1400s, the Nightstalkers' main weapon was essentially a dagger which retracts from a brace, more commonly known as a hidden blade. The Nightstalkers had many other weapons as well:

Night Gliders - Effecient paraglides which allow for steady flight across long distances. Some Nightstalkers still use this gadget today.

Geoversal Boots - Mechanisms implanted in boots which allow the wearer to walk and run freely on walls and ceilings.

What is truely awe inspiring to historians is that the Nightstalkers managed to create such complicated and sophisticated devices nearly 700 years before our time.

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