Nightstrike Redemption


Nightstrike: Redemption is the first book in the Nightstrike Saga, and one that introduces the main character. The plot: it's only been one year since Jack Danner came back from the Middle East, and even longer since he became Vairo City's champion, the mysterious Nightstrike. But when an old enemy rises, and a certain someone reenters Jack's life, things get interesting.

Chapter OneEdit

The new moon shown over Vairo City like a ceasefire. The good, honest, hardworking people retreated to the saftey of their homes, while criminals, streetwalkers, and other hoods began to walk the streets. One man hoped to make a difference, but could he really do anything?

A black shadow flitered in across the way from Harrison National, the local bank on the Eastern Side. The shadow watched as several hoods stode in, guns aloft. He heard the screams, heard the cries for help. At these he detached a grapnel from a tool belt at his waist, took aim, and pulled the trigger. The grapnel shot out, and the figure swung across the space between the two buildings.

Nightstrike was about to get to work.

The first hood smiled as his partner collected the dough. Things were going exactly to plan. If only he wouldn't interfere, then things would be perfect.

"I don't suppose you're considering uncondititional surrender?" came a husky, slightly mocking voice to his right. The hood whipped around, and froze. On top of one of the small desks sat a red-cloaked figure. A black mask covered his face, and white highlights around his green lenses only enhenced the feeling of rage that seemed to drip from the man like rain.

"Y-y-you!" the hood stammered, then pulled out his gun, firing rapidly. The masked man leaped, dodging the bullets easily. From his tool belt he pulled several pellets, then hurled them into the floor, sending smoke spiralling toward the ceiling. Coughing, the hood took a step back, then saw his partner fall, felled by a quick blow from Nightstrike, the masked man. The hood tried to run.

A blow struck between his shoulder blades, and he toppled. Nightstrike loomed over him, looking for all the world like a Grim Reaper out for retribution.

The hood closed his eyes as Nightstrike's fist came down.

Nightstrike watched from across the street as the police collected the hood. It was all routine work, but he couldn't really feel any satisfaction. And considering the army of crime still out there...

Nightstrike turned and disappeared into the night....

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