This was the Jokers first of many clone attempts to destroy Batman. He gathered the DNA of Nightwing at a phony haircut that Dick Grayson got, in which all his hair was gathered in a bag and brought to the back of parlor in which a truck was waiting. The truck took it to the Jokers lair. Their, over the course of a month, they created a perfect clone of Dick Grayson, and created a "Nightwing" suit for him. His brain was wired, so he would only be loyal to the Joker, and only follow the Jokers orders. He was given an enhanced brain, so he was much smarter, and a better acrobat than the real "Dick Grayson". 

Mission Accomplished!Edit

The Joker sent him, to capture the Real Dick Grayson, and take his place in Wayne Manor, and pretend to be the real Dick Grayson. On August 14th of that year, Dick Graysons clone was sent off to capture him. Dick Grayson clone, was stalking the real dick grayson on his motor cycle going to the grocery store. The real Dick Grayson, was driving his cycle, and Nightwing clone swooped down and picked up Dick Grayson using his jet pack, and flew off holding Dick Grayson. Dick fought back hard, but was unable to get Dick Grayson clone to drop him. They flew into the lair, as soon as they landed, Dick Grayson drew his Katana, and fought Dick Grayson clone to the death, but was ultimatley stabbed through the chest by Dick Grayson clone. Dick Grayson clone only mortally wounded, not killed the real dick grayson. The real Dick Grayson was now in the jokers possession.

To Wayne Manor (Skirmish with Batman)Edit

He inherited all the skills and knowledge of Dick Grayson, so he drove the motorcycle back to Wayne Manor, and he actually attacked Bruce. Bruce was caught off guard, as Dick Grayson clone swung punches and kicks, and slashed Bruce Waynes chest. Bruce Wayne had a huge slash going down his chest to his belly button. He was hurt bad. Bruce Wayne, was thrown off the top of the batcave, into the waterfall inside the cave, where all the water under Wayne Manor flowed too (Bruce Waynes water source). It was 70 ft deep, and Bruce sunk the bottom, blood flowing out in river amounts unconcious from blood loss. He was recovered luckily after Nightwing Clone left by Alfred, still alive. The Wayne doctors were brought into perform major surgery on him, in which he survived. 

Red Robin gets his wings clippedEdit

The Red Robin (Tim Drake) was out patrolling in Batmans place tonight, with fake Nightwing (unknown to Tim Drake). They were looking around, when from behind, Tim Drake felt a kick sink into his back, and knock him down. He turned around shocked, it was Nightwing. Nightwing fake picked up Tim Drake, but Tim was not going down without a fight when he kicked fake Nightwing in the jaw, in which he felt a weird sensation he had not felt yet to this extent (pain). He had just had his jaw bone shattered by Tim Drake. He was down but not out, he had to resort to other tactics besides combat, due to being weakened by that one shot to the jaw, Nightwing clone pulled out a .50 Magnum, and shot Red Robin (Tim Drake) in the back. Tim Drake fell off the skyscrapper they were on, and struggled to get up, holding his jaw. 

Learning WeaknessEdit

He traveled to the Jokers mansion and asked Joker about this expirence he had just had, with his jaw being brocken. With that Joker said "men fix his jaw". He went through major surgery, and rehabed his jaw. He was out on the field 2 weeks later, Batman was back with a huge scar running up and down his chest.

Final Battle Edit

Dick Grayson clone was patrolling the city, looking for the now back on the streets (Batman). Batman was stalking him with wierd stealth. Batman, jump kicked the clone down to the ground. Batman ran at him once he was down going to go beat the living hell out of him. Batman was tripped and outsmarted, then Dick Grayson clone took control of the fight. Dick Grayson clone had control of the fight, until Batman realized that he had no choice but to resort to lethal tactics. He had to kill Dick Grayson, he didn't know it was a clone. He was conflicted about it. Until the real Dick Grayson showed up, fresh escaped from the Jokers clutches, saying "Batman, its Dick". Batman knew that was him and from their while the clone was staring at the real Dick in disbelief and awe, a poisened Katana blade stabbed right through the clones heart. He turned around, and IT WAS RED ROBIN, he had survived the fatal gunshot. He was alive, and from their, the clone was officially dead. The poison got through his system and shut down every weak inferiror clone organ with ease. The clone was dead.


Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 10.15.53 AM

Nightwing Clone

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