Early LifeEdit

He was the lost older brother of Tony Stark. He ran away from home, because of how he was neglected his entire life. His parents only payed attention to Tony, so he was left out of everything the family did. They took Tony to their private island, and he was left home with just the maids. The maids raised him, to hate the entire Stark family. The maids hated the entire family, and serving them. They bent him to their ideals. He saw his dad and family as evil, and all rich people as evil. At age 15, he ran away from home and dissapeared so the family would never find him. The father choose to never even tell Tony, his brother existed. Tony was to young to remember him at age 3. The brother whos name is Michael dissapeared so the police would never find him. He ripped the homing chip out from deep in his skin, disabled all his technology and became a ghost.


He plotted one day, to become successful and use all his power to destroy the Stark lineage. He had morbid ideas, like he wanted to one day murder Tony, his father, and the entire family. He snuck on a plane bound for Japan, he hid in the cargo hold. He almost died due to the air pressure. In Japan, he was a street urchin, who lived off of morsels of McDonalds left in the trash bins. He survived outside, using skills he learned as a boy that he taught himself, or the maids taught him. He built a hut made of mud brick that he crafted himself outside Yokohoma. One day, a Japanese buisness Tycoon found him, and adopted him because he noticed that Michael was extremly smart. He became the father Michael never had. He told the tycoon his name was Parker, and he was abandoned by his American tourist parents at age 12. The tycoon, got him into fine silk clothing, only the finest Japanese women could be his maids. The tycoon loved him like a son. Whie in Japan, he wanted to learn Korean Martial Arts, so he was sent to Korea to learn from the founder of Tae kwon do, "Choi Hong Hi". He was the last student of Choi Hong Hi, he was trained up to master by the man. He was the finest student Choi Hong Hi had ever produced. When he came home, he found that his tycoon guardian had died, so he took over the industry. He became a very successful buisness man, in this military technology industry. He competed (unknown to Tony) with his brother in the Military technology feild. But one day, one very fateful day he saw the "Iron Man" was over in America as the new superhero on the block. After he heard this, he immediatly, started taking secret technology even unknown to the factory. He built his own Iron man suit but with advancements in the suit he studied from the actual Iron Man. His suit had over 600 weaponry features, even with such a small latex, with a platinum painted black thin layer of metal over it. It was the most advanced war machine in all of histroy.

Confronting his brother for the first time in 20 yearsEdit

Tony Stark, sat in his mansion working on an Iron man suit. He heard a missle fire at the building, he said "eh, the usual!" He put up his deflector sheild, but the missles broke through, and he heard a window smash, and the entire upstairs level blow to bits. Tony went upstairs with an assault rifle, and confronted the explosion when he saw nothing but rubble. The other dark black iron man suit landed. The man said "we have alot of catching up to do", and from their he sent a soundwave hurtling towards tony stark stunning him and throwing him back 40 ft. Tonys body was stunned, and as soon as he could move a finger he snapped and summoned his suit from the lower level. He got up, stumbling and said "have I met you before?" Michael replied "so he never told you?". Tony replied "told me what exactly, want to have a couple rounds of white wine with me and talk". Michael replied in a booming voice "SILENCE!" and hit Tony with an even larger sound wave. He shocked tony with volts of lightning that came from the finger tips of the suit. The circuts of Ironmans suit were malfunctioning. He couldn't move a muscle. Michael replied "so, your the one they speak of, your iron man!'. Michael said "its sad, how I can just come back and take all the years of my life you stole from me away". Tony replied "wait, are you one of my ex's?". Michael said "think Tony, think hard, use that spoiled rotten brain of yours". Tony said "are you a liberal", and from their Michael kicked Tony so hard in the chest he kicked through the metal suit and hit him in the chest, creating a bloody dent. As Michael picked up Tony by the neck, and threw him through the brick in the fire place, he said "you are the reason, I ran away!" Michael said "Yes Tony, I am your brother." Michael continued by saying "you had it ALL, I had nothing BUT THE MAIDS, THE MAIDS FOR GODS SAKE!!". He picked up Tony and threw him back into the mansion and through the main large window inside Tonys mansion. Tony started to stir, weary and weak and bloody. When Tony lifted his head, Michael almost crushed his skull with his foot. Tony tried to move, but could not in his body, or in the suit. Tony was half dead laying their fading, as Michael dissappeared into the night. Michael said before he left "if you want to come see me, heres the address".

Tonys recoveryEdit

Tony recovered quite quickly, although he had snapped his spine, broke his neck, torn his ACL, had his left foot hanging by a piece of body tissue. Also his back was shattered, so were both his knees. He was told, he would never recover from all the injuries. Tony used all his resources to get back to his feet, and in tip top physical condition so he could go confront his brother. Tony eventually rebuilt his Iron Man suit, and flew off towards the address that was left for him.

Final Fight against his brotherEdit

Tony flew, driven by nothing but pure rage, and absolute hate. Tony got their, and charged right through the main glass window and attacked the already suited up Michael. He was pounding Michaels head into the ground, punching him extremly hard, and trying extremly hard to kill Michael. Tony screamed with a voice filled with hate "NOW I KNOW WHY OUR FATHER WAS DEPRESSED THE REST OF HIS LIFE!!!!!!!" He continued beating him, and throwing him around "HE LOVED YOU!!!!!!". He said "HE HAD A PICTURE OF YOU ON HIS WALL THAT HE CRIED IN FRONT OF EVERY NIGHT AND MORNING". Tony said filled with emotion, but then Michael fired back with a huge punch to the face. It was like Tony didn't feel it, his hate for Michael drove him to feel nothing and keep coming. But then, Michael kicked him so hard in the gut that it drove Tony off him. Michael could barely stand, and he charged equally filled with anger tackling tony, and ripping his suit to shreds, so only his body was their. Michael said, don't hide behind that suit, with that Michael took of his suit. They stood, 2 angry men ready to rip eachother apart. But then Micheal pulled a gun, but Tony kicked him in the nuts and got on his suit. He blew a hole through Michaels chest, but going on something god only knows, Michael got up, his suit was on, and he fired 4 missles at Iron Man which blew the suit, and almost Tony to bits. Michael said "you can't beat me", but then a man screamed "WAIT!!!!" right before Michael was about to kill tony. It was their father, long believed dead, emerged with a shotgun. Michaels eyes filled with both love, and rage, and nostolgia. A tear came into Michaels eye, but he forgot it, and grabbed his dad by the collar and said "WHY DID YOU IGNORE ME??" Michael said "YOU LEFT ME ALONE ON ALL THE TRIPS YOU TOOK YOUR PRECIOUS ONE ON". Michael said "I WAS GARBAGE, YOU RUINED MY CHILDHOOD, NOW YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKES". Then a female voice screamed "Don't". It was their mother, she was sobbing, from their Michael dropped his dad on his butt and sank to his knees. He was so sad, he could not even comprehend it. All his memories, flodded back of all the times she loved him. Michael said, "ok, I will spare all of you". Michael said "I'm sorry for leaving". The mother, father, and Michael embraced deeply, them all crying. But then, Tony started to moan, and they went over to Tony, so did Michael. Tony was operated on by Michael and healed competly.


He, and Iron man fight together now due to the love his mother, and the tears of his true family.



His suit

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