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Concurrent battle: None
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North American Wars
Conflict: Fighting over territory holding Kesh
Date: 2013-2018
Place: North America
Outcome: Peace between the North American Super Powers

United States of America

  • GDI Europe (in 2017)




Boba Vinco




U.S. Armed Forces

  • GDI Europe's Armed Forces (in 2017)

Canadian Armed Forces

Mexicans Armed Forces


Ten Percent of thier Armed Forces

Fifteen Percent of thier Armed Forces

Twenty Percent of thier Armed Forces

The North American Wars (2013–2018), also known as the End of America and the Ultimate Continant War, was the name given to the major conflict fought between the United States of America,Canada and Mexico fighting over territory holding the precious Kesh.The war was named after the place of the war,North America. It is also the only War in the 21st century where the war was almost a "Free For All" as all countries in North America fought agianst the other. All sides scored significant victories over the other, and at different times during the war either seemed likely to triumph. However in 2017 GDI Europe sided with The United States allowing America to repell all invaders and making Mexico and Canada sighn a peace treaty. The Treaty also signaled out that North America as a whole could take over the world,this may have been one of the contributing factors which led to the Great Human War.

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