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He is a teenage superhero found in Sanctuary, USA.

Created by:
Origin: Nuclear
Category: Superhero
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Gary Bold
Known Aliases: Nuke, Nuclear, Nuke-Head
Species: Human (Caucasian)
Age: 15
Height: 5'4 feet
Weight: 198 pounds
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Brown
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Sanctuary
Affiliation: Good
Marital Status: Open
Known Relatives: Parents (Deceased)
Known Powers
Custom Nuclear Energy Generation/Control, Super Strength, Invulnurability
Training / Abilities
Poor martial arts
He is a Superman in my Sanctuary Mythos.

Appearence Edit

He is a teenager with brown hair and green eyes. He has a a healthy build, not muscular or skinny or fat, just normal. He looks normal, just normal.

His costume makes up a dark green suit with a little bit lighter green line that connects from the inner sides of his legs and his forearms.

He has a light green nuclear symbol on his chest, large green boots, and dark green gloves with light green bracers with dark green gems on it.

His mask has dark green coloring with a little bit lighter green stripe running down the face, with a large set of single-glass yellow goggles.

He also has speaker-looking holes that appear on the palms and bottom of the feet. They are used to release his nuclear energy.

The suit finally has a zipper on the back and the front of his waist, for urinating...that's it, urinating...

History Edit

He used to live in the Industrial Park, then, an explosion killed everyone in his street, except for him, along with nine other people...

He lived most of his life in solitude, until he met his best friend, Kayla McGuffin. They talked a lot, becoming the best of friends...

Gary then started to exhibit powers that would later make him a superhero, named Nuke-Man.

Kayla made him a suit, to hide his identity.

Personality Edit

He is sarcastic, silly, random, and occassionally nice. He likes to smile a lot, and laughs when a villain starts monologing.

When he is Nuke-Man, he is serious, strong, and a do-gooder. His only personality trait from his real identity is his laughing at monologues.

His weakness is his sexual drive, his hormones started when he acquired his powers, and a few female admirers that are villains does not help...

Powers & Abilities Edit

Custom Nuclear Generation/Control: He creates his own custom nuclear energy, which is toxic or healing only if he wants it to be, it has six levels...

  • Vapor Nuke: This level releases as a gaseous material, but is actually his nuclear energy converting into oxygen. It allows him to move as if he hasjetboots.
  • Healing Nuke: He is able to heal people with diseases with his nuke level at here, able to cure many diseases.
  • Concussive Nuke: He is able to shoot out concussive blasts of his nuclear energy, able to knock down walls.
  • Toxic Nuke: He can release a gas from his hands that are able to poison someone with a special radiation sickness which negates all mutant powers.
  • Corossive Nuke: He can release a beam that melts anything it hits.
  • Bomb Nuke: He is able to create a nuclear blast that can take out a small town all around him, but a blast like that could kill him, so he uses only a smaller version around him as shields, about five feet wide and seven feet long.

Super Strength: He is able to pick-up a oil boat on his shoulders.

Invulnurability: He can withstand many attacks, and can deflect bullets with his skin. Although, he is able to be hurt by electric shocks.

Enemies Edit

  1. Fallout: His main advisary, who is a mean kid who uses a machine suit to destroy Nuke-Man.
  2. Charger: She is a thief who is vexxed with Nuke-Man, as is he...
  3. Black Widow: She is a crazed bug freak who is also vexxed by Nuke-Man, but only to father her mutant children.
  4. King of Gore: A biker-themed villain with technological weapons.
  5. Mako: A wereshark that lives in Darkness Falls.
  6. Fury: A mutant that turns into a monster when angry.

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